IELTS Advantage-Disadvantage Essay Type 2: A Proven Band 9 Strategy


The personal information of many individuals is held by large internet companies and organisations.

Do you think the advantages of this outweigh the disadvantages?

A Complete Response

Nowadays, private information of many people is stored by different organizations, and big internet companies. There are both benefits and drawbacks of this new aspect of our daily life because, even though it is possible to find useful information easily in case of serious crimes, this comes at the cost of privacy. In my opinion, due to this latter aspect, the continuous acquisition of personal information by web-based companies and other organizations can be more disadvantageous than advantageous in the long run.


The tendency that today personal information is acquired by internet companies and some organizations can be useful in case of important investigations to find individuals who are guilty of serious crimes. Unfortunately, though many crimes are yet to be checked, law enforcement agencies and governments are putting a lot of effort into curbing them, and this causes social alarm by endangering life of many people. As a consequence, the possibility to acquire personal information by internet companies and other organizations especially in case of worrisome crimes, such as felonies related to terrorism or organized crime, can be very useful to end an investigation successfully. In addition, because this information can also be used to prevent these crimes, which can be of great advantage for society as a whole. 


On the contrary, the acquisition of private information by these web companies and organizations can seriously damage our life because in this manner we will not have privacy anymore. We will be influenced by them in deciding what kind of product to purchase, and many people will have access to this information to commit frauds against us. Furthermore, considering freedom as a consequence of respect of our rights and of our privacy, we can affirm that when there is a widespread knowledge of our personal information, we are not free anymore because some people can put in place coercive actions towards us for any reason. For example, the government of the German Democratic Republic, also called East Germany, knew the habits of about half of the population, and used this information to persecute individuals who had different political views.


In conclusion, although private information acquired by Internet companies and other organizations can be useful in case of criminal investigations, this comes at the cost of the loss of privacy. Weighing these two options, I believe that accessibility to personal information by these companies can damage our life in the long run.