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IELTS Problem-Solution Essay: A Proven Band 9 Strategy


Alcohol abuse is becoming more and more common in many countries.

What are the reasons of the problems it causes? What are some of the possible solutions?           

A Complete Response

It is often argued that the over usage of alcohol has become increasingly common in different countries. Though various chronic diseases are arising from excessive drinking, people are unlikely to restrain from it because of the belief that alcohol releases stress. However, a proper rehabilitation can be the most effective measure to address this issue. The following paragraphs are going to elucidate the idea in detail.


Most of the people resort to alcohol to avail a sigh of relief from an emotional shock or distress. Usually, unmet expectation, exhaustive workplace environment, inter-personal and familial difficulties etc. might push them into this traumatic stage. In fact, the established notion that drinking alcohol can give a relaxation creates an unreal expectation in people’s mind, which lead them to keep drinking beyond the standard limit, resulting in deadly chronic diseases like high blood pressure, liver and colon cancer etc. In spite of all these serious potential threats, people tend to value their current pleasure and eventually immerse themselves into drinks, aiming to find a momentary release from the stress of daily life. This is how inevitable anxiety breeds and motivates people towards an excessive alcoholism


However, a proper rehabilitation could be an effective mechanism to address this issue. In other words, critically alcohol addict patients should be treated in specialized medical care centers where specially trained physicians would be all-time guide for them. The reason behind this suggestion is that such sickness cannot be cured by the person himself, a team of professionals is required to overcome it. To clarify, a study conducted by the Ministry of Health in Lebanon revealed that 70% of alcohol addicts succeeded to quit this negative habit with the help of dedicated physicians. Therefore, rehabilitation is the most effective measure for the alcoholics.


In conclusion, stress is the main reason behind alcohol abuses, and a continuous care under physicians would be the most suitable solution to be enforced and abided by to combat this challenge.

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