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IELTS Writing Task 2 Common Topics

If you have basics on the topics that frequently appear in IELTS Writing, it will make your preparation a lot easier. Because, once you know the common question areas, you can easily sort out the basic concepts that you need to brush up. For instance, if you know that IELTS Writing questions frequently come from Health-related issues, you can do some research on what the probable questions could be.


Let’s say you are attending for IELTS in 2020 or 2021. Definitely, you can expect a question from health sector, and it is of no doubt that the question would be related to pandemic diseases, specifically COVID-19.

Likewise, when it comes to a year of international mega events, such as Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup etc. you might encounter an essay question related to these events. So, the idea is, use your presence of mind, think which basic issues are currently most discussed across the world. Make a list of all of them. It will be your customised important topic list for IELTS Writing part.


Well, after analysing the real exam questions of over the last ten years, we have made a list of most frequent topics that appear in IELTS writing sections.

Common Topic for IELTS Writing Part

  • Health and Fitness

  • Climate and Environment

  • Education

  • City

  • Media

  • Business and Work

  • Food

  • Science & Technology

  • Transport and Communication

  • Family and Home

  • Society and Community

  • Government

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