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IELTS General Training Task 1 Letter: Common Topics and Types

In IELTS General Training Writing, you will need to write a letter. The letter can be formal or informal. If you are asked to write the letter to a friend or a close family member, you will write an informal letter. Otherwise, you will require to write a formal letter. 

Regardless of a formal or an informal letter, it can be of different types, such as:

Request Letter: You might need some information from agencies or entities. For that, you will write a letter to them asking the information. 

Apology Letter: You have made some mistakes, or committed some offences to your neighbours or higher echelons at your workplace. In these circumstances, you might need to write an apology letter.

Explanation Letter: You might like to share your recent travel or some other experiences with your friends, or you might require explaining an official visit to your manager. In this type of situation, you will require to write a letter of explanation. 

Letters of Application and Resignation: You might be applying for a job, or even it could be about formally quitting a job. In both cases, you will need to write a letter to let your manager know your update. 


Letters to Make an Arrangement: You might need to write a letter regarding an event management. It could be like a celebrity is going to attend at your school event, and you are responsible to organise the event. You would write a letter to the concerned authority discussing the details of the event.

An Invitation: You might require to write a letter to a famous person, inviting him or her to a program.


Letter of Complaint: If you do not get a specific service or security or anything else that you are entitled to, definitely you can write a complaint to the concerned authority.

Once you know how to write all these types of letters, you are completely ready to crack the General Training Writing Task 1 section.

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