General Training Writing Task 1 Actual Exam Questions

The best way to prepare for IELTS is to practice with the real exam questions. Here on this page, we have added a number of actual questions from past exams. Answer these questions following real exam instructions. Best of luck.

  1. A friend of yours is thinking of going on a camping holiday for the first time this summer. He / She has asked for your advice.

Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

  • explain why you think your friend would enjoy a camping holiday

  • describe some possible disadvantages

  • say whether you would like to go camping with your friend this summer


  2. You are working for a company. You need to take some time off work and want to ask your manager about this. Write a letter to your manager.

In your letter

  • explain why you want to take time off work

  • give details of the amount of time you need

  • suggest how your work could be covered while you are away


  3.You have seen an advertisement from a couple, who live in Australia, for someone to teach their two children your language for a year.

Write a letter to the couple. In your letter:

  • explain why you think you would be suitable for the job

  • say what else you could do for the family

  • give your reasons for wanting the job


  4. There is a problem with the changing rooms in the sports center that you visit. You have complained several times but with no success. Write a letter to the manager of the sports centre. In your letter:

  • Describe what the problem with the changing rooms is

  • Say what happened the last times you complained

  • Explain what you want the manager to do


  5. A friend has invited you to a party, but you are busy on the day it’s being held. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter:

  • Apologies for not being able to attend

  • Explain why you are busy

  • Invite your friend to do something else with you


  6. You have received a letter from your bank, asking you to acknowledge receipt of a new bank card. However, the card was missing from the envelope.  

  • Explain why you are writing

  • Express concern about the missing card 

  • Propose a solution


  7. You were absent from an important event held by the company you work for. Write a letter to your manager. In your letter:

  • Apologize for your absence

  • Explain why you had to be at the other event

  • Explain what you will do to catch up


  8. You arranged to visit a friend in England but an important event at home happened, which means that you must change the date of the visit. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter, 

  • explain the important event 

  • apologize for the situation

  • suggest a new arrangement 


  9. You recently spent a weekend with your friend in her/his new house. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter, you should:

  • explain what you like about his new house

  • tell him/her what you enjoyed most during your staying

  • suggest when and where you could meet next time with her/him


 10. Your company is going to give a special training course for staff. Your manager has asked you to find out if the local conference centre has the right facilities to hold this course. Write a letter to the manager of the conference centre. In your letter:

  • give details about the course

  • describe what equipment you will need for the course

  • ask some further questions about the facilities at the conference centre