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How to Pass the USPS Postal Exam 955: Sample Questions and Free Practice

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

How to Pass the USPS Postal Exam 955: Sample Questions and Free Practice - Job Test Prep Online

The United States Postal Service (USPS) offers various positions that require specialized skills, and one such position requires passing the Postal Exam 955. If you're eyeing a job that requires this specific test, you've landed at the right place. This comprehensive guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the Postal Exam 955, including sample questions and tips to pass. Moreover, for those who want the extra edge, we'll discuss how JobTestPrep can significantly improve your chances of acing the test.

What Is the Postal Exam 955?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) Postal Exam 955, formally known as the Electronic Technician/Maintenance Exam, serves as a critical gateway for individuals aspiring to carve out a career in technical maintenance roles within the USPS. Unlike general employment assessments that might evaluate broad aptitudes or basic skills, the Postal Exam 955 is precisely tailored to measure your capabilities in specialized areas crucial to technical maintenance jobs.

The test is broken down into several key sections, each designed to evaluate distinct skills and knowledge bases. These sections include:

  • Spatial Visualization: This part of the exam tests your ability to mentally manipulate two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects. It's not just about recognizing shapes but understanding how they fit together or how they will look when rotated.

  • Hydraulics and Pneumatics: Here, your grasp of fluid mechanics is assessed. You'll encounter questions that delve into the properties and behaviors of liquids and gases under pressure, as well as how they are used in mechanical systems.

  • Power Transmission: This section examines your understanding of the mechanisms used to transmit energy from one place to another. This could include gears, belts, and pulleys, and you may be required to solve problems related to mechanical advantage or efficiency.

  • Test Instruments: This part gauges your familiarity with the types of instruments used to measure variables like electrical current, pressure, or temperature. It tests not just if you can read these instruments but whether you can interpret these readings in a meaningful way.

The Postal Exam 955 doesn't just evaluate if you can do these tasks but how well you can perform them, often under the pressure of time constraints. Scoring well on this exam means demonstrating a level of expertise that sets you apart as a candidate well-suited for technical roles in the USPS—a key to unlocking job opportunities that are both fulfilling and offer long-term stability.

If you're committed to acing this exam, we strongly recommend JobTestPrep's specialized practice kits designed to prep you for the 955 exam. The kits offer exhaustive materials and practice tests that mimic the actual exam, ensuring that you're well-prepared to tackle every type of question that comes your way.

What Is the Passing Score for the 955 Exam?

Achieving a passing score on the USPS Postal Exam 955 is not just a hurdle to clear; it's a critical factor that could influence your job prospects within the United States Postal Service. The minimum score generally considered as 'passing' is around 70%. However, it's essential to note that merely meeting the minimum requirements is often not enough, especially when competing against a pool of highly qualified candidates.

Why Aim for a High Score?

Scoring towards the higher end—say, above 85%—can significantly boost your chances of landing the job you're aiming for. A high score is indicative of your expertise and aptitude in specialized areas like spatial visualization, hydraulics and pneumatics, power transmission, and test instruments. It sets you apart as a candidate who not only meets but exceeds the requirements for technical and maintenance roles in the USPS.

How JobTestPrep Can Help You Excel

If you're committed to not just passing but excelling in the Postal Exam 955, then tailored training sessions and specialized free practice tests can be invaluable. JobTestPrep offers a comprehensive package designed specifically for the 955 exam. Their practice tests are curated to simulate real exam conditions, offering you a realistic experience before the big day.

Key Features of JobTestPrep's Training Sessions:

  • Personalized Feedback: Get detailed insights into your performance, focusing on areas that need improvement.

  • Timed Tests: Experience the pressure of real exam conditions with timed practice sessions.

  • Up-to-date Material: Their prep kits are constantly updated to reflect any changes in the actual exam, ensuring you're always practicing with relevant material.

  • Expert Guidance: Access tips and tricks that can help you navigate complex questions more efficiently.

By leveraging JobTestPrep's resources, you're not just preparing to pass the exam; you're gearing up to achieve a score that makes you a top contender for your desired role within the USPS. So if you're serious about acing the 955 Exam, click here to see how JobTestPrep can elevate your preparation to the next level.

What Are the Sections of the USPS 955 Exam?

The USPS Postal Exam 955 is a multi-faceted assessment designed to scrutinize your abilities in a range of technical and mechanical domains that are crucial for roles in maintenance and technical positions within the United States Postal Service. Let's delve into a deeper understanding of each section to help you prepare more effectively.

1. Spatial Visualization

  • What It Measures: This section gauges your capacity to interpret and manipulate two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects mentally. It isn't merely about identifying shapes but also about understanding how these shapes relate to each other, how they can be rotated, or how they fit into larger structures.

  • Why It's Important: Spatial visualization skills are vital for tasks that involve drafting, layout planning, and even troubleshooting mechanical issues. Excelling in this area can highlight your capacity for technical problem-solving.

2. Test Instruments

  • What It Measures: This part of the exam tests your proficiency in using a variety of testing devices, such as multimeters, oscilloscopes, and pressure gauges. It assesses not just your ability to use these instruments but also to interpret the data they provide.

  • Why It's Important: Skill in utilizing test instruments is indispensable in maintenance roles. This could involve calibrating equipment or diagnosing faults, and the data from these instruments often guide critical decisions in these tasks.

3. Hydraulics and Pneumatics

  • What It Measures: This section is devoted to your understanding of fluid systems, focusing on the principles governing the behavior of liquids and gases, particularly when forced through pipes or valves under pressure.

  • Why It's Important: Knowledge of hydraulics and pneumatics is crucial in the maintenance and repair of various types of machinery and equipment, which often include hydraulic and pneumatic systems. Mastery of this area showcases your ability to handle complex mechanical tasks.

4. Power Transmission

  • What It Measures: This part evaluates your comprehension of the mechanical elements used to transmit power, including gears, belts, and pulleys. It might require you to solve problems associated with mechanical advantage, torque, and efficiency.

  • Why It's Important: Power transmission is a foundational element in many industrial systems. Understanding it deeply can make you invaluable in roles that require the maintenance or improvement of these systems.

Each of these sections is designed to measure competencies that are crucial for the specialized roles you may take on within the USPS. Preparing thoroughly for each section is not just advisable; it's essential. If you're looking for a one-stop solution to acing all these sections, consider utilizing JobTestPrep's Postal Exam 955 practice kits. They offer a robust, realistic practice environment, complete with expert guidance and detailed feedback that can make a substantial difference in your scores.

How Hard Is the USPS 955 Exam?

The USPS Postal Exam 955 is often considered challenging due to its specialized nature and the level of expertise it demands. However, describing it as "insurmountable" would be a disservice to candidates who are willing to put in the work to prepare diligently. Let's break down what makes this exam challenging and how you can navigate those challenges successfully.

Factors That Contribute to the Exam's Difficulty

  1. Specialized Knowledge: The exam covers specific areas like spatial visualization, test instruments, hydraulics and pneumatics, and power transmission. You're expected to have a solid grasp of each subject, making the exam intensive and detail-oriented.

  2. Time Constraints: Like many standardized tests, the Postal Exam 955 operates under time limits for each section. This adds an element of pressure and tests your ability to apply your knowledge swiftly and accurately.

  3. High Competition: Given that the USPS is a well-regarded employer offering stable job opportunities, you can expect to face stiff competition from other candidates who are equally motivated to score high.

How to Make the Exam Less Daunting

  1. Targeted Preparation: Rather than a haphazard approach, aim for focused preparation on each of the exam sections. Understand the intricacies and types of questions you're likely to face.

  2. Mock Tests: One of the most effective ways to prepare is by taking mock exams that simulate real test conditions. This not only gives you a familiarity with the question types but also helps you manage your time better.

  3. Continuous Review: Once you've taken the mock tests, revisit your incorrect answers to understand your weak areas. This continuous loop of testing and reviewing is integral to improvement.

How JobTestPrep Can Be Your Secret Weapon

JobTestPrep offers comprehensive preparation resources designed specifically for the Postal Exam 955. These kits are rich with mock tests, practice questions, and detailed explanations that can significantly improve your readiness and confidence for the exam. Key features include:

  • Adaptive Learning: Customized practice sessions that adapt to your performance, focusing on your weak areas.

  • Realistic Simulation: Practice tests that closely mimic the actual exam conditions, giving you a realistic test-taking experience.

  • Expert Tips: Access to strategic tips and tricks that can be the game-changer in cracking complex questions or managing time effectively.

Investing time in focused preparation with resources like JobTestPrep can transform this challenging exam into a conquerable obstacle, setting you on the path to a rewarding career within the USPS.

Tips on How to Pass the USPS Postal Exam 955

The USPS Postal Exam 955 may be challenging, but it's far from unbeatable. To that end, we've compiled a list of tips and strategies on how to pass the USPS Postal Exam 955, these will certainly help turn the odds in your favor. Here's how you can effectively prepare for and ace the exam.

1. Practice, Practice, Practice: The Importance of Repetition

Why It's Crucial: Practicing regularly acquaints you with the exam pattern, question types, and the overall structure of the test. This familiarity can reduce exam-day anxiety and can help you strategize more effectively.

How to Implement:

  • Daily Routine: Incorporate practice sessions into your daily routine. Consistency is key.

  • Diverse Questions: Ensure that your practice covers all the types of questions you might encounter.

JobTestPrep’s tailored practice tests are a great resource. They simulate real test conditions and cover all sections of the exam in depth.

2. Time Management: Every Second Counts

Why It's Crucial: The Postal Exam 955 is time-bound, which means you have a finite amount of time to answer each section. Failing to manage your time wisely could result in rushed or incomplete answers.

How to Implement:

  • Timed Practice: Use timed practice tests to get used to the pressure.

  • Section Allocation: Have a general idea of how much time you can afford to spend on each question or section.

3. Use Quality Resources: The Right Tools for Success

Why It's Crucial: Quality over quantity applies here. The more accurate and well-designed your practice material, the more beneficial your preparation will be.

How to Implement:

  • Check Reviews: Look for highly rated resources that other candidates recommend.

  • Consult Experts: Speak to people who have already taken the exam and ask them about their preparation resources.

JobTestPrep is widely recognized for its high-quality, realistic practice tests. Their well-crafted questions and detailed explanations provide a comprehensive preparation experience.

4. Stay Calm and Focused: Mindset Matters

Why It's Crucial: A calm and focused mind is more capable of recalling information and making logical decisions. Anxiety and stress can severely hamper your performance.

How to Implement:

  • Breathing Techniques: Simple breathing exercises can help calm your nerves.

  • Positive Reinforcement: Use positive affirmations to boost your confidence.

Bonus Tip: Consider doing a quick relaxation or focus exercise right before starting the exam. It can help set a positive tone for what’s ahead.

Proper preparation, effective time management, quality resources, and a calm mindset can go a long way in ensuring your success in the Postal Exam 955. To streamline your preparation process and boost your confidence, consider using JobTestPrep's comprehensive Postal Exam 955 preparation materials. With realistic practice tests, expert tips, and adaptive learning, you'll be well-equipped to clear the exam with flying colours.

So, are you ready to ace the Postal Exam 955? Click here to explore how JobTestPrep can make your dream job within the USPS a reality.

Concluding Thoughts on Passing the USPS Postal Exam 955

Navigating the intricate details of what the Postal Exam 955 entails—from understanding the sections like spatial visualization and test instruments, to grappling with questions about hydraulics and pneumatics, and power transmission—is undeniably a daunting task. However, it's not insurmountable.

With the right approach, you can decipher how hard the USPS 955 exam truly is and strategize to not just pass but excel. Remember, a passing score for the 955 Exam generally hovers around 70%, but aiming for a higher score will make you a more competitive candidate. Quality resources, like JobTestPrep, can be incredibly helpful in getting you there. With their tailored training sessions and practice tests, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle each section of the exam, from spatial visualization to power transmission sample questions, and everything in between.

Our article aimed to cover every facet of the USPS Postal Exam 955 to equip you with the tips and tricks you need to pass. But remember, while reading is beneficial, practice is paramount. Test instruments sample questions, hydraulics and pneumatics sample questions, power transmission sample questions, and spatial visualization sample questions are your best friends in preparation. The more you familiarize yourself with these, the better your odds of acing the exam.

So there you have it—a comprehensive guide to cracking the USPS Postal Exam 955. Whether you're curious about what the exam is, what the passing score is, or how to manage your time across its various sections, we hope we've cleared your doubts and set you on a path for success. And when in doubt, JobTestPrep is your go-to resource for realistic practice and invaluable insights.

Good luck on your journey to becoming a technical maintenance professional within the USPS!

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