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You Have A Meeting with Your Manager, Tell Him/her What You Are Going to Discuss - GT Letter Band 9

Updated: Jan 3

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

You have a meeting/appointment with your manager the next day. Write a letter telling him/her what you are going to discuss in the meeting.

In your letter, you should tell,

  • what you have done for the company in the year you worked there

  • what changes you would like to recommend

  • what training you require

You should write at least 150 words.

You do NOT need to write any addresses.

Begin your letter as follows:


IELTS Letter Writing Band 9 / GT Writing Task 1 Band 9 Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to outline the key topics for our upcoming meeting, focusing on my contributions over the past year, proposed improvements for our operations, and my personal training needs to enhance our company's growth.

Over the past year at BrightTech Solutions, my efforts have been geared towards optimizing our digital marketing strategies, leading to a substantial increase in online engagement and a 20% boost in sales. I have successfully managed several high-profile campaigns and fostered stronger relationships with key clients, contributing significantly to our market presence and customer satisfaction levels.

Regarding changes, I propose we invest in advanced data analytics tools to better understand customer behaviors and preferences. This move will enable us to tailor our marketing strategies more effectively and stay ahead of market trends. Additionally, implementing a more flexible remote working policy could enhance team productivity and work-life balance, a crucial aspect in today's dynamic work environment.

Lastly, to further my contribution to our team, I would benefit from advanced training in data science and analytics. Acquiring these skills would not only elevate my strategic planning capabilities but also position us to better interpret market data and drive more informed decision-making processes.

I am looking forward to discussing these points in more detail and exploring how we can collectively propel BrightTech Solutions to new heights.

Warm regards,

Alex Thompson

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Model Answer 2

Dear Ms. Wallace,

I trust this letter reaches you in good spirits. As we prepare for our meeting tomorrow, I wish to succinctly highlight my key contributions to our organization this year, suggest some strategic changes for further success, and discuss my training needs for enhanced professional growth.

During my tenure this year at Innovatech Inc., my focus has been on elevating our project management processes, leading to a more streamlined workflow and a noticeable 15% increase in project delivery efficiency. My involvement in the cross-departmental collaboration has fostered a more cohesive work environment, directly impacting client satisfaction and team morale.

To propel our company forward, I recommend integrating a more robust digital collaboration platform. This would not only enhance team coordination but also allow us to harness the full potential of remote working, which is increasingly becoming a norm in our industry. Additionally, a shift towards more eco-friendly office practices would not only reduce our carbon footprint but also align with our corporate social responsibility goals.

For my personal development, I would greatly benefit from specialized training in Agile and Scrum methodologies. Acquiring these skills will enable me to lead our teams more effectively and ensure that we are at the forefront of project management best practices.

Looking forward to our constructive dialogue tomorrow and to setting the stage for an even more successful year ahead.

Best regards,

Jordan Fletcher

Model Answer 3

Dear Mr Paul,

I am writing this letter regarding the yearly performance meeting with you which will be held tomorrow.

This year, I have completed the one-year Internet Banking Migration Project. We not only successfully launched the new version of Internet Banking, but also received a lot of positive feedback from our customers. In addition, I have also completed another enhancement project which could help our company to save a lot of money every year.

You know that a proper communication system plays a significant role in project management. Although some personal training courses are provided by the Human Resources Department, I assume that we could organise some team building events, such as going to an overseas trip. Even though holding a team formation adventure is not easy, it could help to build trust between our team members and could allow us to get closer.

For the coming year, as I would like to strengthen my project management skills, I hope that I could be able to join some management training courses which are readily offered by some professional institutions. I would be grateful if we could discuss regarding this more in the meeting tomorrow.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Linda Chung

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