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You're Working Overseas in an International Company, and Leaving the Country in Emergency - GT Letter Samples

You're working overseas in an international company. You are leaving the country in emergency. Write a letter to your friends explaining the situation.

In the letter, you should

  • apologise for leaving like this

  • explain what happened

  • tell them what you're going to miss about working with them

You're Working Overseas In An International Company, And Leaving The Country In Emergency - GT Letter Samples

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Model Answer 1

Dear Friends,

I hope this letter finds you well amidst the daily hustle of our vibrant office. It's with a heavy heart and unforeseen urgency that I pen down these words, for I must unexpectedly bid farewell to our team and our ongoing projects due to an emergency that requires my immediate attention back home.

Firstly, I must extend my sincerest apologies for the abruptness of my departure. This unforeseen situation, involving a critical family health issue, has compelled me to make this difficult decision. The timing is far from ideal, and I am genuinely sorry for any inconvenience my sudden leave might cause to our teamwork and deadlines.

What I am going to deeply miss is the camaraderie and collaborative spirit that each of you brings to the table. Our brainstorming sessions, coffee breaks filled with laughter, and the collective sense of achievement after each successful project completion – these are the moments that have enriched my professional journey. The support and inspiration I've received from this team are unparalleled, and it's these aspects of our work environment that I'll long for the most.

In closing, though I must leave in haste, the memories and skills gained from working alongside such a talented and diverse group will stay with me forever. I am grateful for the time spent and the friendships forged. Please keep in touch, and I hope our paths cross again in the future.

Warm regards,


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Model Answer 2

Dear Team,

As I sit down to write this letter, it's with a sense of urgency and a heavy heart that I must inform you of my sudden and unexpected departure from our shared journey at this international company, a decision dictated by unforeseen and pressing family circumstances.

Please accept my deepest apologies for the abruptness of this news. An emergency situation has arisen within my family, necessitating my immediate return to my home country. I understand the challenges my sudden absence may pose to our team, particularly with the projects we are currently handling. This was a decision made under pressing circumstances, and it weighs heavily on me, knowing the potential disruption it could cause.

The thought of leaving our dynamic team brings a profound sense of loss. I will miss the daily interactions, the exchange of ideas, and the unyielding support we've always extended to each other. Our collaborative efforts have not only achieved remarkable results but have also fostered a working environment that I have come to cherish deeply. The learning and growth I've experienced here, surrounded by such dedicated and talented colleagues, are something I will always hold in high regard.

Though this goodbye is sudden, the memories and experiences I've gained here will be a guiding force in my future endeavors. I am forever grateful for your understanding and support during this transitional period. Please stay in touch, and I hope that our paths will cross again under better circumstances.

Warmest regards,


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Model Answer 3

Dear Colleagues,

In the midst of our collaborative endeavors and shared aspirations at our international company, it is with a heavy and reluctant heart that I must convey my sudden departure due to an urgent and unforeseen family emergency.

I extend my most sincere apologies for the abrupt nature of my leaving. A critical situation has arisen back home, demanding my immediate presence and attention. I am acutely aware of the inconvenience this may cause to our team, especially considering the pivotal stage of our current projects. This decision was made in a dire circumstance, and the thought of the disruption it may cause to our collective efforts is deeply distressing to me.

The camaraderie, intellectual stimulation, and collective pursuit of excellence in our team are aspects I will sorely miss. Our daily interactions, filled with innovative ideas and mutual support, have not only been professionally enriching but also personally gratifying. The unique blend of diverse perspectives and talents in our team has created an environment that is both challenging and nurturing, something that is rare to find and hard to leave.

As I bid farewell, the memories and experiences garnered in this vibrant workplace will remain an invaluable part of my professional journey. I am eternally grateful for your understanding and empathy during this challenging time. I cherish the bonds we have formed and hope that our paths will intersect again in more favorable circumstances.

Best regards,


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