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You Want a Book that You Cannot Find - GT Letter Sample, Writing to the Manager of the Bookstore

You want a book that you cannot find. Later you find it and it is available in a bookstore in another city. Write a letter to the manager of bookstore.

In your letter, you should:

  • give details of book

  • say why you need this book

  • tell him how you will pay for it

Letter to a Bookstore Manager in another City because You Cannot Find a Book You Want - GT Letter Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Manager,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to you regarding a book that I have been ardently searching for, which I recently discovered is available at your esteemed bookstore in Springfield.

The book I am referring to is "The Art of Mindful Living" by Sarah Johnson, ISBN: 978-1234567890. It is a comprehensive guide on mindfulness practices and their application in daily life. My interest in this book stems from its acclaimed practical approaches to stress management and personal growth, subjects that I am deeply passionate about for both my professional development as a psychologist and my personal well-being. As it is a key resource for an upcoming workshop I am conducting, obtaining a copy at the earliest is crucial for my preparation.

Regarding the purchase, I would like to inquire if you could arrange for the book to be reserved and shipped to my address in Boston. I am more than willing to cover any additional shipping costs that may incur. For payment, I can provide my credit card details, or if you prefer an alternative method such as an online transaction, please let me know the process.

I eagerly await your response and am hopeful for a smooth transaction. Your assistance in acquiring this book would be greatly appreciated and would significantly contribute to my professional endeavors.

Yours sincerely,

Emily Thompson

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Model Answer 2

Dear Manager,

I trust this letter reaches you at a time of prosperity and progress. I am reaching out with a request concerning a rare book titled "Echoes of Ancient Wisdom" by Dr. Helena Brooks, ISBN: 978-0312568347, which, to my delight, I discovered is available at your renowned bookstore in Denver.

The book in question is not just a literary pursuit for me but a bridge to my heritage, offering in-depth insights into ancient Greek philosophy, a subject I am profoundly connected with both academically and personally. As an instructor of classical studies, this book is instrumental for my upcoming lecture series at the University of Chicago. Its unique perspective and rare content make it an invaluable addition to my curriculum.

Concerning the logistics, I would greatly appreciate if you could reserve this book for me and arrange for its shipment to my residence in Chicago. I am prepared to prepay for both the book and the shipping charges. If you could provide me with the necessary details, I would be more than happy to transfer the amount via an online banking method, which I find most convenient.

Your prompt response and assistance in securing this book will not only enhance my teaching resources but also enrich my personal collection. I look forward to your reply and a seamless transaction.

Kind regards,

Jonathan Hayes

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Model Answer 3

Dear Manager,

I hope this message finds you well amidst the bustling activities of your esteemed bookstore. My purpose for writing today is to seek your assistance in acquiring a particularly elusive book, "Journeys Through Time" by Elizabeth Martin, ISBN: 978-0456789123, which, to my great relief, I have found listed in your store located in the vibrant city of Seattle.

The significance of this book lies in its rare collection of historical narratives, which are essential for my upcoming thesis on the evolution of cultural identities. As a history major at Stanford University, obtaining this unique compilation is not only academically imperative but also a personal quest to deepen my understanding of the world's rich past. Its detailed accounts and diverse perspectives are crucial for the completion of my research paper, which is due in a month.

Regarding the purchase arrangements, I kindly request that you reserve a copy of this book and organize its shipment to my address in San Francisco. I am ready to make an immediate payment and will gladly bear any additional costs for expedited shipping. Please inform me of your preferred payment method, be it via online banking or another secure transaction platform.

Your prompt attention to this matter and assistance in facilitating this purchase will be immensely appreciated. It plays a pivotal role in my academic journey and personal enrichment.

Warm regards,

Alexandra Bennett

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