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Secret Tips for Giving Examples in IELTS

Finding examples comes at the 3rd stage of our IELTS task 2 essay planning strategy. First stage was Analyzing the Question where you sorted out the topic words, micro-keywords and action words. Then you jumped to Idea Generation where you resorted to some strategies like Brainstorming/Mind-mapping, 6 Question Method, and Informal Thinking etc. Now it's time to come up with some examples. 


You need to use examples in IELTS essay to support your logic, to extend your discussion. But sometimes you might not find examples in your memories. What will you do in that situation? Will you move on without using any example? 

Your answer should be, "No, definitely not". Because you must use examples to secure a good band score.

However, don't panic. Using example is quite simple. In fact, it's one of the easiest parts in your essay planning technique. Because, you don't have to mention the authentic sources of your example. If you can, that is definitely appreciated. Otherwise, you can simply give one example from your own experience, or your friends' experience, or it can be the experience of some other people you know or you don't know.

The interesting thing is, you can just make up examples, if you can't find in your memory. You know IELTS is a language test, not a knowledge test.  As long as your example is relevant to the discussion, you are absolutely fine. Examiners are never going to verify whether your example is  authentic or not. They will just check how it is supporting your logic.

Take a look at the sample question below:

"Major development of information technology is helping people to share data in a split second almost all around the world.

Do you think advantage of this outweigh disadvantages."

In response to this question, you can make up the following example: 

"One day my best friend's father was at a very critical stage in a hospital.  Doctor asked for some medicine that were not available anywhere near the hospital. My friend sent a group voice message to all of our friends, and we managed the medicine in due time. It would have been impossible without the fast information sharing technology."

This is a completely made up example. Look closely, this example is very relevant to the question stated above. You can always make up examples like this in case of  IELTS Writing and Speaking sections.

Awesome! You have just completed the 3rd stage of your IELTS Task 2 essay planning. Previously, you went through how to analyze the question at first, then you came to know the special techniques of idea generation, and now you know how to use examples. That means you have already completed the first 3 of total 5 stages for IELTS Task 2 essay planning part. Good work👍. Keep the momentum going on. It's time to check the remaining two stages:

(1) Choose the special vocabulary, and

(2) Apply the plan into the band 9 magic structure.

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