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About IELTS Luminary

Who we are

We are a dedicated IELTS Luminary team consisting IELTS ex-examiners and ELT experts. We have been  instructing IELTS since 2010. From our teaching experience, we saw many students struggle to get their expected score in IELTS, despite their smart understanding of English language. The reason of their struggle was not the difficulty of IELTS, rather the way they were instructed. We studied over many IELTS training centres both online and offline, and unfortunately didn't find many who could guide students in an easy way so that students can boost their confidence and preparation.


Therefore, we felt the urge to come up with our decade long proven and experienced techniques for IELTS preparation. Our students used these amazing techniques and availed band score 7, 8 and even 9. However, after teaching over 10 years, we realized that using ab online platform, we could easily reach out to millions of students all round the world. This is why, we launched this free online IELTS training centre in 2019. We are sure our instruction techniques, exam tips and all the strategies will give a big boost in your preparation. Good luck.

What we do

There is an understanding among so many students across the globe that IELTS is difficult. The truth is, IELTS is very easy. All you need is just apply right techniques to address the questions. In fact students think this exam is difficult because the way they are taught is difficult. Here is the reason why we have come to play a role. Our major goal is to prove that IELTS is very easy. Actually it is fun to prepare for IELTS. Our innovative analyses at the deep of all types of probable problems and the proven tips will guide you towards your desired band for sure.


Throughout the website, we guide you using the most advanced strategies to address the questions. Furthermore, we are always ready to answer your any question regarding the exams and lessons. Meanwhile, our writing assessment service will analyse your essays and provide you detailed feedback within 2 business days. Our dedicated Research and Development team is relentlessly working on better support to our students, and we are constantly updating our study resources. To put it simple, we are committed to give our 100% for your band 9 preparation.

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