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IELTS General Training Writing Guide

This page will discuss all your required information, tips and strategies for IELTS General Training test. Like Academic IELTS, General Training also has two sections of writing:

  • Writing Task 1

  • Writing Task 2

There are some similarities and some differences between IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic writings. Le's discuss these below: 

The Similarities 

Task 2 is same for both Academic and General Training. The question type, marking criteria etc. all are same.

Wherever you see our task 2 discussion on this website, the discussion is both for academic and general training exam.

The Differences 

The major area of difference between General Training and Academic IELTS is Writing task 1. In General Training writing task 1, you will be asked to write a letter. But in Academic task 1, you will never be asked to write a letter. If you are looking for Academic writing task 1 discussion, click here. Because, the following discussion is only for the General Training writing task 1 exam.

IELTS General Training Writing Task 1

You will face one of the two types of letters:

If you are asked to write a letter to your friend or a close family member, it's an informal letter.

Without friend or a close family member, if you are asked to a letter to anyone else, you will write an informal letter. Remember this simple rule.

The main difference between a formal and an informal letter is, in formal letter you will use formal languages, whereas in informal letter you will write informal languages.


Click on the links below to understand the details about the formal and informal letters for General Training writing task 1.

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