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Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 1

IELTS exam is also a test of vocabulary. In Writing Task 1, you will describe and compare between data sets. You will need some very specific vocabulary to express different scenarios in this essay question. Let's take a look at the essential vocabulary for writing task 1 section. 

Important Adjectives and Adverbs for Task 1

In IELTS writing task 1, you will be given charts/graphs/data table/map etc. to describe. You will need to compare the major features in these diagrams. To do this, you will require some very common adjectives and adverbs. We are giving you some adjectives and adverbs below, if you can remember these, it will cover more than 80% of your required adjectives for task 1 essay writing. Let's check it.

When you are comparing between data sets/diagrams, you will need most of these following vocabulary:

IELTS Writing Vocabulary

If you just add "ly" at the end of these words, these will be converted to adverbs. For example: Rapidly, suddenly, slowly, and significantly etc.     

You will Need Some Essential Nouns and Verbs

Likewise adjectives and adverbs, there are some important nouns and verbs that you will need frequently for your writing task 1 essay. Because you cannot describe the features in the chart without using appropriate verbs and nouns. 

The following verbs represent changes/movements:

Vocabulary for IELTS Writing Task 1

The above stated words are verbs. However, almost all these vocabularies can be used as nouns also. To do this, you just need to omit 'to' and add 'a/an' with some words. In case of some other words just omit the 'to' before the words. Look at the noun list below:

growth                   a jump

a peak                   a climb

a rise                     an increase

an improvement     a decline

a drop                    a fall

a dip                      a variation

Some Essential Expressions

There are some expressions that you can use to make your writing more cohesive, coherent and impressive to the examiner. Look at some common expressions below:

IELTS Writing Vocabulary

Don't forget to review the following resources:

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