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IELTS Speaking Part 2: How to Prepare the Answer

When it comes about IELTS Speaking part 2, most of the students  always just look for sample questions for their practice. Practicing is always good, the more you practice, the more you hone your skills. But the very important thing is, you need to know the most effective strategy to address a particular question.


Practicing sample questions will give you the best result only when you practice following a selected formula for addressing the questions. This is why, we didn't just provide you the sample questions and answers, rather we discussed the most effective techniques that our students used and succeeded.

The most important section of speaking part 2 is the planning time. After getting the cue card, you will get 1 minute for planning and organizing  your answer. When this 1 minute is finished, you will talk for around 2 minutes. You will be marked on the basis how you speak during this 2 minutes.


your planning will not be marked. But how you perform in the speaking,  depends on how effectively you used the 1 minute planning time. That's why it's important to know the technique how you can use this 1 minute    wisely. Let's see the techniques that we can use to make the best use of the planning period.

Finding the Keywords

(10 seconds)

Locating keywords in the question sentences is the first stage. If you use the question words ("What", "when", "where", "whom", and "how"), it might be easy for you to understand what you need to include in your discussion. Spend maximum 10 seconds for this part.


(20 seconds)

This strategy comes into play at the second stage. You have the topic 'information Technology', write this topic word in the middle and write all related words that you can remember around the topic word. for example:

IELTS Speaking Part 2 Brainstorming

Don't think too much. Just keep writing the words that come to your mind. Do it quickly. You shouldn't spend more than 20 seconds for this stage. 

Five Headings

(10 seconds)

You know you got 60 seconds for taking preparation. Still you have 30 seconds left for your preparation. Look at the words you've just written down. Distribute these words among the five headings in 10 seconds. The headings are as below:

  1. Introduction

  2. Past

  3. Description

  4. Opinion

  5. Future

Imagine Sentences 

(20 seconds)

You have 20 seconds left. Now, it's time to imagine some sentences using the words you have just written under the five headings. Remember, we said imagine some sentences, we didn't say to make sentences. This is because if you make sentences, you can make only 1 or 2, whereas you can imagine 5-6 sentences easily. 

So far you have,

  • picked up the keywords from the question sentences

  • written down the supportive words centered to the keywords

  • distributed those supportive words among five headings

  • imagined a few relevant sentences 

Everything that you need for your the discussion, you have right in front of you. Now you are all set to start speaking. It's time to go...BOOM😎

Many students think this strategy is difficult to implement in the exam. As a result, they don't go through this planning process. But the truth is, you will feel it difficult only in the first few practices. After that you will be surprised to see the benefit you avail using this strategy. It will pay off, we guarantee.


Our tens of thousands of students used this strategy, and they did impressive performance in their speaking part 2 test. You also can do it. Make the best use it.

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