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IELTS Writing Correction Service

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Your writing will be evaluated by an ex-examiner using the official IELTS scoring guidelines. The examiner will identify your weak points and deliver all the specific feedback on each error. Also, he will show you how to write 7, 8, or 9 band essays and provide a band 9 sample answer for your each writing.

Unlock the Secret How to Write a High Band Essay

You know that various structures can be used to respond to various types of questions. For instance, you must write your response to an opinion essay question differently than you would for a problem-solution essay issue.


The answer to a single graph or chart question will undoubtedly differ from the one to a question including numerous graphs or charts.


An explanation of a data table will certainly differ from a description of a map.


You must use the proper forms for various kinds of informal, semi-formal, and formal letters while writing letters.

In addition to employing the appropriate writing structures, your response must be highly precise to the question; otherwise, you risk losing 25% of the possible points allocated for Task Achievement, one of the four factors that determine your writing grade.

Also, a well-organized presentation is necessary to convey a consistent message to the examiner. To do this, you must employ cohesive devices wisely; otherwise, it would be like though you constructed a house using the best materials possible (bricks, stones, iron, cement, ceramics), but the home is uninhabitable due to improperly positioned doors and windows. 

Providing a precise and well-organized response is not enough; your language must also be free of grammatical mistakes. Otherwise, all of your efforts will be in vain. Therefore, to get a band 7 in the writing, you must ensure that at least 70% of your sentences are grammatically correct.

However, don't lose your cool. Everything you can do extremely skilfully. We have designed our IELTS Writing Correction tool to guide you through each step needed to guarantee your target band score.


A genuine IELTS examiner will review every word of your essay after you enrol in this program. He will provide you with a thorough evaluation based on each particular marking standard.


Please keep in mind that our IELTS Feedback Service is geared to guide you step by step toward your desired score rather than merely completing your purchased number of essays.

When we get your essay, we analyse it to find your weak points, check your vocabulary and grammar, deconstruct your sentences, and assess the structure and organization of your paragraphs. Overall, we assess how well your essay satisfies the requirements for official grading.

We provide you with at least four pages of in-depth feedback that goes over each word and each sentence. We give a step-by-step explanation, highlighting every area in which you need to improve and outlining how to do so.

This procedure is followed for each writing you submit. Our objective is to assist you in obtaining the target band score. You will receive step-by-step instructions from our devoted ex-IELTS Examiner Assessment Team on how to advance your IELTS Writing.


If you're still unsure about the calibre of our help, please read some of the testimonials from the service users below.

Once again, thank you so much for visiting this page. We really appreciate your determination for beating the test. We are pleased to welcome you to this World No.1 IELTS Essay Correction platform. Let us assist with your IELTS Writing preparation.

However, if you have any confusion or question regarding the service, please send an email at We will reply in minutes.

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