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An actual examiner will assess your writing, based on the IELTS official marking criteria. He/she will detect your problem areas and provide all the detailed notes on each mistake. The examiner will show you a powerful band 9 writing secret, and will follow up how you can apply the technique in your writings. Therefore, if you truly desire for a 7 or 7+ band, you have just landed on the perfect page. To justify our claim, you can check the student reviews at the end of this page, see how we steered them towards achieving their dream scores.

If you practice a few essays following our proven effective strategy, you can expect even a band 7+, let alone 7. Yes, it is that much easy, only if you know how to make it.

Please keep reading until the end of this page, you will unlock the secret how you can write a high band essay.


You know there are different structures to answer different types of questions. For instance, if you respond to an opinion essay question, definitely it needs to be written in a different way than that of a problem-solution essay question. Likewise, response to a single pie chart question will be surely different from the answer to a multiple graph question. Also, a map description will be obviously different from a data table discussion. When it comes to a letter writing, you must apply the appropriate formats for different types of informal, semi formal and formal letters. 

In addition to the proper writing structures, your choice of words is also very important, because if you cannot use right vocabulary and expressions, you will fail to convey your intended message to the examiner, and eventually you will lose the marks for Task Achievement, one of the four marking criteria.


Meanwhile, just answering the specific question and using contextual words are not enough, an organised presentation is important to send a coherent message to the examiner. To do this, you have to use cohesive devices very carefully, otherwise it will be like  you have built a house with the finest ingredients (bricks, stones, iron, cement, ceramics etc.), but the house is not liveable because the doors, windows etc. are not placed properly. 

Moreover, just giving an organised clear response is not everything, also your sentences have to be free from grammatical errors. Otherwise, all the hard work will be to no avail. Therefore, if you want to secure a 7+ band score in IELTS Writing, you must confirm that at least 70% of your sentences are free from grammatical errors.

However, do not panic. You can do everything very beautifully. Our IELTS Writing Correction platform is structured to take you through all the steps required to confirm your desired band score. Once you join this program, an actual IELTS examiner will look into every word of your essay. She will give you a detailed feedback, based on each marking criterion individually. Please remember, our IELTS Feedback Service is not just to finish the quota of your number of essays, rather it is prepared to take you step by step towards your dream score. 

Well, if you want to get the best out of this IELTS Essay Correction Service, try to spend at least a couple of days for a thorough practice after receiving each feedback. We know there are many students who just keep sending their writings without enough practice, this is never a good idea.


Let's be practical. Look, this is a language skill test, only smart practice following a proper guideline can take you towards your dream score fast and efficiently. Here is our role to play. Our IELTS Essay Correction service gives you the best guidance to crack the exam, however, if you just keep sending essays without practicing

accordingly, you cannot expect your desired band straight away. Therefore, to avail the maximum benefit of this amazing platform, after receiving each essay feedback, please spend at least a couple of days for practicing accordingly.

We are dedicated to help you

Immediate after confirming a correction plan, you will receive a welcome email attached with a number of recent past actual test questions. We recommend practicing these questions at first (Though it is entirely up to you. That means, you can also send your essays using some other questions from your personal choice list). 

Well, you know there are so many questions out there, as different online platforms are coming up with a huge number of made up questions and claiming them taken from real exams. Please be aware of this scam. We suggest you practice directly from Cambridge IELTS official books or from the question set that we send you, because our question set is skimmed from Cambridge IELTS past papers.


When it comes to practice, in case of a paper based test, you should practice on IELTS Official Writing Answer Sheets. Click the links to download both Task 1 and Task 2 answer sheets. However, if you are preparing for a computer delivered test, you should practice typing on a notepad or turn spelling and grammar check off if it is a Microsoft Word page.

We suggest you send only those writings which you have completed following real exam instructions. For example, you did not see the question statement before the formal starting time and did not write anything after the stated period. Otherwise, our assessment cannot give a true signal of your preparation.

Well, when we receive your essay, we analyse it to identify your weaknesses, investigate your vocabulary and grammar, break down your sentences, diagnose the organisation of your paragraphs and structures. Overall, we evaluate how your essay meets the official scoring criteria.

In fact, we give you at least four page detailed feedback word by word, sentence by sentence. We provide a step by step demonstration, pinpointing all the areas where you need to improve and how you can do this. Also, you will receive important resource links and study contents related to your essay.

We go through this process for your each writing. Helping you to achieve the target  band score is our goal. Our dedicated ex-IELTS Examiner Assessment Team will guide you step by step in detail how you can take your IELTS Writing to the next level.


Well, if you still have confusion about the quality of our assistance, please have a look at some of our student reviews below.

Thanks again for landing on this page. We highly appreciate your determination to beat the test. We are excited to welcome you at our signature platform for IELTS Essay Correction. Let us be a part of your cracking mission and help you to achieve the dream score.

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Save Big!!! Get a 30% off on all the Essay Correction Plans. The offer expires soon.

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Also, after one correction, if you find you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, just email us to get a full refund. You will get the refund within 10 business days. 

A clarification: Let's say you have purchased a 20 Essay Correction plan. You can send either Task 1 or Task 2 responses, regardless of IELTS Academic or General Training. You can keep sending until it is 20 all together.

Essay sending procedure is very simple. Just purchase a plan and email your writing at writing@ieltsluminary.comYou will receive each feedback within 24 hours.

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IELTS Essay Correction Service
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Essay Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review
IELTS Writing Correction Service Review