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Must Know Information for IELTS Reading

  • You will get total 60 minutes for the Reading test.


  • There will be 3 reading passages, each will contain around 900 words. That means you will have to come across total 2700+ words.


  • You must complete transferring the answers into the answer sheet in this 60 minute time.


  • Passage types vary from Academic to GT IELTS. Understand the differences between Academic and GT IELTS Reading sections.


  • The Reading passages for Academic IELTS are usually long, and they are taken from books, journals and newspaper articles etc. These texts can contain some complex languages and diagrammatic illustrations. 


  • On the other hand, GT reading passages usually appear easier. Mostly they are based on daily communicative English. The passages are taken from official letters, advertisements, magazines, and newspapers etc.


  • There will be total 40 questions in IELTS Reading test, and each question will carry one point for a correct answer.

  • There is no negative marking for incorrect answers. Therefore, don't leave any question unanswered.

  • There will be total 60 minutes to answer three equally long passages. You should not spend more than 20 minutes for each passage.


  • Make notes on the question paper as much as you need. There is no problem with this. Examiners will mark your answer sheet, not the question paper.


  • Remember, don't use a highlighter pen. Practice using a pencil.


  • Stay alert for your spelling. Don't forget to bring eraser in the exam hall. You might need to review the spellings, specially when you are transferring your answers into the answer sheet. 


  • Try to use capital letters in the answer sheet. Because capital letters are more readable.


  • In the answer sheet, you can write T instead of True, and Y rather than Yes.​


  • You don't have to answer the reading passages in order. You can answer the second passage before the first one or the third passage before the second one. It's all up to you. 

  •  You don't need to follow the question order. You can skip any question anywhere, and come back later. Just remember, you have one hour to complete everything, including transferring your answers into the answer sheet.


This website has detailed discussions on different types of Reading questions, their solution techniques and step by step illustrations. We suggest you check our complete guide on IELTS Reading test.

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