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IELTS Academic Task 1 Special Tips

You know that IELTS Writing Task 1 carries one third of your total writing marks. Therefore, it is important to give a smart response to the Task 1 question. The objective of this page is to give you some very effective tips how you can do it. Let's go.

First of all, be familiar with the common question types and topics that appear in IELTS Writing Task 1 section. Once you have an understanding on the frequent question types and topics for IELTS Task 1, it will help you prepare well for the test.  Because you will already have fundamental concepts which will give you an incredible advantage in answering the question quite confidently.

Therefore, we strongly recommend for spending 5 minutes for planning the response. You can do it like this:

  • Look at the major data categories. You know the data can be of different groups. for example, if the diagram is about marital age, you might encounter separate sets of data for male and female groups.

  • Notice what type of measurement is used. For instance, it can be stated as thousand / million / billion / trillion etc. The measurement can be given in terms of weight, number, etc.

  • Focus on the most significant areas of changes. Notice where the lines are kinked or where the deviations are obvious.  In fact, you must identify the most significant areas because the examiner does not want you describe everything that you see in the diagram, rather he / she expects you discuss only the most significant features / changes.

  • Write a couple of keywords locating the significant discussion areas. Afterwards, you will state them in the overview paragraph, and the detailed discussion will be left for the body paragraphs.

  • Make a list of some important vocabulary that you will need in the discussion. It will help you keep writing smoothly. Otherwise, you might need to pause in the middle of your writing to look for vocabulary. Remember, make sure you are not writing non contextual words, because just advanced fancy vocabulary is never going to give you marks. The words have to be very contextual to the topic.

  • Make sure your spellings are correct. Most of the students lose significant marks because of spelling errors. Remember one thing, you never misspell a whole word, only a tiny segment of a word you tend to misspell all the time. For instance, when you are writing the word restaurant, you might misspell it by writing restaurent. That means, the final syllable rant is your problem area. By mistake, you have written e, rather than a. Therefore, when you are practicing spelling at home, focus on this specific problem area, rather than spending time thinking about the whole word. Likewise, during exam, always be aware of the problem areas for spelling errors.

We hope these few tips will help you come deliver a confident and organised answer to an IELTS Task 1 question.

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