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Artificial Intelligence Will Soon Replace The Teachers in The Classroom - Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample

Updated: Mar 16

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Artificial intelligence will soon replace the teachers in the classroom.

Do you agree with this statement?

What is alternative to traditional face to face teaching.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay (Artificial intelligence will soon replace the teachers in the classroom.)

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Model Essay 1

The prospect of artificial intelligence (AI) replacing teachers in classrooms has ignited a fervent debate. While AI heralds a transformation in educational methodologies, it is my stance that it will not completely supplant human instructors. The key discussions points revolve around the complementary nature of AI to traditional teaching, and the burgeoning role of online learning platforms as viable alternatives.

AI, with its vast capabilities, offers personalized learning experiences, adapting to each student's pace and understanding, thereby revolutionizing the traditional educational paradigms. However, it lacks the empathy, emotional intelligence, and motivational prowess inherent in human teachers. These human attributes are crucial for fostering a nurturing learning environment, demonstrating that AI should serve as an adjunct rather than a replacement. For instance, AI can offer instant feedback and tailor educational content to individual needs, yet it cannot inspire or understand the nuanced challenges students face, such as emotional or social struggles, underscoring the irreplaceable value of human interaction in education.

On the other hand, online learning platforms have emerged as significant alternatives to traditional classroom teaching, breaking down geographical and financial barriers to education. These platforms, often powered by AI, extend the reach of education, making learning accessible to anyone with internet access, thus democratizing education. They provide a plethora of resources and courses, allowing for self-paced learning and exposing students to global perspectives. Moreover, the success of platforms like Coursera and Khan Academy exemplifies the potential of online education to complement conventional methods, offering flexibility and a wide array of subjects which traditional classrooms might not provide, along with fostering a global learning community.

In conclusion, AI and online platforms enrich education but cannot supplant teachers' crucial role. As tools, they complement traditional methods, fostering a balanced educational ecosystem. The future lies in blending their strengths, enhancing learning for all.

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Model Essay 2

The assertion that artificial intelligence (AI) could replace educators in classrooms ignites considerable debate. I posit that, while AI introduces innovative teaching methodologies, it cannot supplant the multifaceted role of teachers. This essay will explore the complementary nature of AI in education and the rise of online learning platforms as adjuncts, not replacements, to traditional teaching.

AI's integration into education promises tailored learning paths by analyzing individual learning patterns and preferences, thus offering a bespoke educational experience. Such technology can pinpoint areas of difficulty and adapt materials accordingly, ensuring no student lags behind. However, AI lacks the capacity for empathy and the nuanced understanding of human emotions, elements crucial for cultivating an environment of encouragement and support. Teachers excel in these areas, providing motivation and addressing the emotional and psychological needs of their students, facets that AI cannot replicate. For example, a teacher can detect disengagement or frustration through subtle cues, adjusting their approach to rekindle a student’s interest or alleviate their concerns, a level of adaptability AI presently cannot achieve.

Conversely, online learning platforms represent a significant shift in educational delivery, offering a viable alternative to conventional classroom settings. Empowered by AI, these platforms extend educational opportunities beyond traditional boundaries, facilitating access for a global audience. They offer an expansive array of courses and resources, allowing learners to navigate their educational journey at their own pace. Despite their advantages, including flexibility and the democratization of education, these platforms lack the direct human interaction and personalized support that a classroom teacher provides, reinforcing the notion that technology should enhance, not replace, traditional educational frameworks.

In summary, AI and online platforms are valuable enhancements, not replacements, to the unique human elements teachers provide, such as mentorship and emotional support. Education's future lies in merging technology's strengths with educators' irreplaceable roles, creating a comprehensive learning environment for all students.

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Sample Essay 3

There is a widespread belief that advanced technology is going to play the teachers’ role in the classroom. I completely agree with this statement because it makes the lessons more attractive and engaging. Also, a ubiquitous access to online platforms like Facebook, YouTube etc. have made the traditional face to face teaching an obsolete system. This essay is going to elucidate the idea in detail.

An unprecedented technological innovation has made students’ life easier because now they can explore their knowledge area by taking a virtual tour, which is designed to give them a detailed step by step illustration of a concept. Previously, students needed to dive deep into a book to get through a topic, and most of the time ended up with finding it too boring and giving up studying the details, whereas now they can explore their disciplines with just a tap on the specially designed educational applications on their smartphone, laptop, or other electronic display devices. This amazing facilitation is driving students towards artificial intelligence rather than depending on a face-to-face lesson.

In addition, artificial intelligence has come up with incredibly efficient platforms that are used for conveying educational contents anywhere across the world. Vibrant online resource sharing platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook and Twitter etc. have made the advanced education accessible to almost everyone. These platforms have such huge data bases that any information regarding any topic can easily be obtained. Moreover, when a student gets into a topic, the AI navigates them by suggesting the most relevant contents, which make a student’s job a lot easier to get through the detail of a subject. Most importantly, this AI assistance comes with an incredible freedom for students, they can opt in or opt out anytime for any topic.

In conclusion, this essay reasserts that an efficient use of artificial intelligence for education has become obvious. Students are harnessing its incredible benefits through different platforms which are eventually taking over the traditional face to face teaching.

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