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Now is The Best Time in History to be Living - IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Essay Writing Sample

Updated: Mar 17

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people say that now is the best time in history to be living.

What is your opinion about this?

What other times in history would be interesting to live in?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Essay Band 9 Sample (Best Time in History to be Living)

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Model Essay 1

In the grand tapestry of human history, the assertion that the present era represents the pinnacle of human existence has sparked considerable debate. This essay posits that, despite the allure of modern conveniences, evaluating other historical epochs reveals a richer tapestry of human achievement and experience. The discourse will pivot around the unparalleled technological advancements and quality of life in the current age, contrasted with the cultural and intellectual richness of the Renaissance and the transformative spirit of the Industrial Revolution.

The contemporary world is distinguished by its staggering technological advancements and significant improvements in quality of life, strongly arguing for the present as the zenith of human civilization. Innovations in medicine have drastically reduced mortality rates worldwide, while the internet has democratized access to information, effectively placing the sum of human knowledge at our fingertips. This unprecedented accessibility to resources and the ability to transcend geographical boundaries for communication and trade underscore the uniqueness and unparalleled convenience of our era.

Contrastingly, the Renaissance period, a beacon of art, culture, and scientific awakening, offers a compelling counterpoint to modern achievements. This era, marked by an explosive reinvigoration of learning and creativity, laid the robust groundwork for modern Western thought and philosophy. The invention of the printing press during this time revolutionized the dissemination of knowledge, mirroring today’s digital revolution in its transformative impact. Similarly, the Industrial Revolution marked a seismic shift in human society, catapulting economies into the realm of mechanization and setting the stage for the contemporary technological landscape. These periods were characterized by transformative innovations that reshaped society, akin to today’s technological advancements, yet they were imbued with a pioneering spirit of discovery and transformation.

In conclusion, today's technological marvels and improved living standards highlight the uniqueness of our era. Yet, history shows that every period has its distinct contributions, particularly the Renaissance and Industrial Revolution, which significantly shaped culture, science, and society. Appreciating these diverse historical achievements enriches our understanding of human progress.

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Sample Essay 2

Some people believe that living in nowadays is the best period of time. I totally agree with this concept because of the improvement of the quality of life in this period. Besides it, Baby Boomer would be another interesting time to live due to its opportunity for wealth accumulation. I will elaborate it further as follows.

To commence, emerging technology has beneficial effects in many aspects. In a word, with the help of technological innovations, people enjoy the convenience in daily life. For example, people are not limited to the office and can work from home or at any alternative places due to the accelerated digitalization and multiple communication platforms. In addition, the career-motivated parents could deploy the customer-oriented software to streamline their repetitive work and reduce the frequency of doing overtime. In turn, they can engage more time in taking care of their kids and free up their hands by utilizing dishwashing, robot vacuums and intelligent home gadgets. Thus, the technology is good helper in people’s life.

Next, Baby Boomer (the generation born in 1946 - 1964) was an intriguing period to live since it is easier to earn money regardless of a person or a corporation. The ordinary people could avail assorted opportunities to climb up the corporation ladders due to the low social class rigidity and the prosperous economies. What was more, the low inflation along with the full employment triggered high saving rates. Furthermore, the small-and-medium business could increase the market shares and gain extra profits with less competition from large-scale conglomerates. Thus, Baby Boomer era would be a fascinating time in history to live in.

To sum up, while baby boomer period is full of financial incentives for me, now is the best time to live for me because it offers the best lifestyle ever, thanks to the technological revolution.

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Sample Essay 3

It is a commonly held belief that we are living in the best era in history, with access to an unprecedented level of technology, healthcare, and education. However, while I do agree that we are fortunate to be living in an age of remarkable advancements, I believe that it would be unfair to discount the many other times in history that have been fascinating to live in.

The present era is indeed characterized by several ground-breaking developments that have transformed the way we live our lives. We have instant access to information from around the world, modern medicine has revolutionized healthcare, and global travel has made it possible to explore and experience diverse cultures. Additionally, we have an abundance of entertainment options, such as movies, television shows, and video games, that were unimaginable even a few decades ago. These developments have undoubtedly made life easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.

However, there are several other periods in history that would have been interesting to live in. For example, the Renaissance era in Europe, characterized by great artistic, literary, and intellectual achievements, was a time of remarkable cultural flourishing. People during this time witnessed the emergence of some of the world's most iconic artworks, such as Michelangelo's David and Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

Similarly, the ancient world was a time of great innovation and progress, with civilizations such as Greece and Rome creating lasting legacies in the fields of philosophy, science, and governance. During the Middle Ages, while life was often difficult and challenging, it was also a time of great religious devotion, cultural exchange, and technological progress.

In conclusion, while it is true that we are living in a remarkable era of progress and innovation, it would be unfair to dismiss the many other times in history that have been equally fascinating to live in. Each period has its unique challenges, opportunities, and achievements, and it is up to us to appreciate the present while also recognizing and learning from the past.

Sample Essay 4

The vast majority of people to believe that the present is the greatest era in history to be living. Even while I am also of the same opinion with those people, they might be wondering of experiencing past times in history, such as when old kingdoms were existed.

I believe that the generation that are living in current life is exceptionally lucky, because as the world develops rapidly, we are able to live in extremely convenient environment technically and culturally. For example, currently people all over the world are connected with an internet system. Using this incredible platform, they can meet and have a conversation with others without actually meeting them physically. It also means that people can explore the world in their own house. Furthermore, people these days purchase anything they need, even stuffs from overseas, through online and get them delivered in a day to a week.

However, some people often talk about past times when they would be fascinating to live in. They probably would like to experience old kingdom dynasties as long as there were a member of loyal families or the noble classes in that period. It might be inconvenient to live, as transportation and technical environment were definitely poor back then, but still could be experienced so many interesting and different things, such as living in the class society, how different the value of money compared to current and what kinds of clothes people used to wear.

To conclude, even while we say living at this present time is the most glorious time, we are curious about how it is like living in the past times in history.

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