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As major cities around the world are growing, so are their problems.....(IELTS Band 9 Sample Essay)

Updated: Jun 27

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

As major cities around the world are growing, so are their problems.

What are these problems for young people living in cities?

What are possible solutions for these problems?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample (As major cities around the world are growing, so are their problems.)

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Sample Essay 1

The exponential rise of metropolis with their ever-expending population and industries is putting young residents into a challenging situation. This age group is struggling with stable source of income and sky-high accommodation cost simultaneously. However, finding alternative sources of work and resorting to public subsidization policy could address these issues effectively.

For many young people, the main problem of living in large cities is the pressure to obtain a job. The fast-growing economic development of major cities and the higher wages in urban areas attract many workers from different parts of a country. As a result of this, the job market has become highly competitive and young adults are confronting extreme adversities to secure a good-paying employment. Moreover, the pressure of finding a job may cause detriments to the mental health of young workers such as depression, anxiety and stress. Another problem is that the growth of major metropolis might lead to a dramatic increase in housing price. For many young employees with an average level of monthly salary, it is a great challenge for them to have enough savings to purchase a property in a city. Considering this sky-high housing cost, the young generation is opting to borrow from banks instead of saving money. However, the fluctuation in borrowing rate and the down payment of a house may cause a perennial financial burden for the young city dwellers.

When it comes to eradicate the problems described above, both individuals and governments have roles to play. Instead of competing for a job in the city, young adults could choose a different place to develop their career where there are inexpensive living cost and lower competition. Small cities, the countryside and foreign countries, for example, are potential places for the youngsters to find work and grow. Another measure is that the government could provide incentives for young people if they decide to purchase their first home. For instance, land tax reduction and subsidized home loans provided by the government could ease the financial burden that many young home buyers are bearing.

To conclude, living in major cities may cause financial strains and housing problems for the young dwellers. However, finding work life beyond the urban zone and availing governmental support for housing finance could manage this scenario effectively.

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Sample Essay 2

As major cities around the world are growing, they usher in a blend of opportunities and challenges, particularly for the youth who call these bustling metropolises home. This expansion, while indicative of economic progress, concurrently cultivates a suite of problems for young urban dwellers. The crux of this essay revolves around identifying these issues and proposing viable solutions to mitigate their impact. Specifically, we will delve into the realms of housing affordability and employment competitiveness, two paramount concerns for the younger generation.

The first and foremost issue stems from the soaring costs of living, with housing affordability at its core. As cities expand and their populations swell, the demand for housing skyrockets, pushing rental and purchase prices beyond the reach of many young people. This financial strain not only hampers their ability to secure stable accommodation but also impacts their overall quality of life. A potential solution lies in the implementation of more aggressive urban housing policies, such as the development of affordable housing units and the regulation of rental markets to prevent excessive price hikes. Furthermore, incentivizing the construction of mixed-use developments can create more inclusive communities and alleviate the burden on young urbanites.

Employment competitiveness represents another significant challenge. The concentration of job opportunities in cities leads to an influx of candidates, making the job market exceedingly competitive. This situation is exacerbated for young people, who may lack the experience or qualifications demanded by employers. To bridge this gap, educational institutions and government bodies should collaborate to offer vocational training and internship programs tailored to the needs of the market. By equipping young individuals with relevant skills and practical experience, we can enhance their employability and ensure a smoother transition into the workforce.

In conclusion, while the growth of major cities around the world brings about a myriad of problems for young residents, it also presents us with an opportunity to rethink and remodel urban living. By addressing the critical issues of housing affordability and employment competitiveness through comprehensive policies and programs, we can foster a more equitable and thriving urban environment for the youth.

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