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Consumers are facing increasing number of advertisements from competing companies... (Band 9 Essay)

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Consumers are facing increasing number of advertisements from competing companies.

To what extent do you think consumers are influenced by advertisements?

What measures can be taken to protect them?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample (Consumers are facing increasing number of advertisements from competing companies.)

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Sample Essay 1

In modern days, people are experiencing an exponential rise of advertisements from different companies who are selling the similar products. I strongly believe that this excessive promotion culture is highly manipulating consumers’ purchasing behaviour as the super attractive commercials can easily mobilize the audience attention. However, proper governmental initiatives like raising consumer awareness and setting up an advertisement monitoring committee can be effective measures to address this advertisement frenzy.

Firstly, one of the crucial factors is some large companies would invest a huge amount of money on advertisement in order to draw people’s attention to purchase the product. In addition, they might utilize a wide variety of tools for promotion, such as outdoor advertising and celebrity endorsement. For instances, a company places its adverts in a popular area and use attractive colours to design, as a result, when potential consumers come across these attractions, their purchase decisions get influenced heavily. Furthermore, many companies hire well-known celebrities as their endorsement to let their brand seem trustworthy. Fans of these idols are their target market. Some sellers even go one step ahead, to induce the possible buyers, they use instant temptation in the name of trying their products or services with free trials.

However, some dishonest companies might include misleading and false information to make profits and neglect the public interest where the government can play effective roles to check this deception. It is recommended to set up an independent committee to regulate and manage the quality of the advertisement. In fact, a clear and standard guideline is needed to make sure that advertisers understand and obey the requirements. Furthermore, the government can educate the public to stay vigilant on advertisements through various online and offline platforms like social media, seminars, and occasional campaigns. These approaches can alert consumers to do in-depth research and investigate the facts before making their purchase decisions.

In conclusion, due to sheer competition among the companies, misleading advertisement culture is rampant nowadays, so the governments need to establish monitoring cells and raise mass consumer awareness to deal with this rising concern.

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Sample Essay 2

It is without surprise to hear that many people are receiving lots of advertisements nowadays. I strongly believe that, regardless of their consent, people are being heavily influenced by advertisements, and it is a pressing need to implement a governmental action to limit any unauthorized promotions.

Regardless the affordability and necessity, being convinced by the promotions through different media platforms, consumers’ demands are heavily influenced in these days. Advertisements not only make consumers want to buy goods, but also make them feel regretful if they do not want to purchase. As a result, they eventually become frequent buyers and end up with buying things which they even cannot afford. Furthermore, over advertisement also breaches consumers’ own discretion and privacy. They receive a lot of push advertisements from different media and farms, which the consumers did not consent for. The advertisers are breaking into the potential buyers’ privacy defence and sending the relentless push notifications. Thus, the people are coerced in terms of both freedom of choice and privacy.

However, there are governments can take required measures that could help to protect consumers. For example, the government they could enact laws to prohibit companies from sending advertisements through email and instant messengers if they do not receive consent from consumers. In addition, social media platforms can provide a turn off advertisement option for consumers to choose. This not only provides a better customer experience, but also avoids sending restricts advertisements to consumers who are not targeted.

In conclusion, people’s purchase decision is highly influenced by promotions. However, as most of these advertisements are unauthorised push notifications, it is important to have a proper law to restrict their privacy breaching behaviours.

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Sample Essay 3

Due to the severe competition among corporations to attract customers, publics are exposed to numerous advertisements from various kinds of media. The impact of this phenomenon is so negative that induces people to grow inappropriate consumption habit. However, this problem can be solved by usable digital platforms that enable customers to compare price and quality for certain types of products.

Too many advertisements have detrimental effect on customers, making them unable to judge rationally what products they actually need. In other words, the consumers simply watch advertisements, easily buy products without consideration, and ask for refund or put them into trash. For example, since a large number of advertisements for the same products give stress on their low price and discount rates, households in South Korea get convinced by these adverts and opt for shopping. As soon as exposed to these advertisements, they buy the products without a second thought which only leads them to regret and ask for the refund right after they receive the product. This is because they did not take much time to think whether the products they bought were really essential.

However, the digital platform, comparing price and quality of products, will solve this problem and make customers inhabit healthy consumption habit. Using the app or website that incorporates a large number of products, people can conveniently compare the price and quality without impulse buying. For instance, there is a Korean app, named Zigzag, which shows the price and buyers’ comments for a certain type of cloth. With the objective information provided by this app, the potential customers can cautiously make a decision on their consumption, and this repetitive tendency will lead to a healthy habit.

To sum up, too many advertisements resulted from harsh competition make customers unable to build healthy consuming habit. However, this problem can be solved by product-comparing platforms.

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