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Cycling is a healthier and more environmentally friendly form of transport....(Band 9 Sample Essays)

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Cycling is a healthier and more environmentally friendly form of transport. Nevertheless, cycling is getting less popular.

What are the reasons of this trend?

What can be done to make cycling more popular?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample (Cycling is a healthier and more environmentally friendly form of transport. Nevertheless, cycling is getting less popular.)

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Sample Essay 1

Nowadays, cycling has become less popular and the least used travel option, even though it is good for the environment and has numerous health benefits. This essay will discuss how safety concern is deterring people from cycling and how the governmental safety measures and promotional campaigns can bring back its popularity.

Collision concern is the main reason behind the fall of cycling’s popularity. People do not like cycling amongst traffic or pedestrians, as both options involve high risk of collision. This unsafe cycling accounts for most of the road accidents, ranging from death to some nonfatal injuries, such as common abrasions, cuts, and bruises. In fact, many locations in various cities do not have separate cycling tracks, which is a sort of hindrance to novice riders. From a statistical standpoint, bicycle rider has a higher casualty rate per trip or per mile of travel than that of being a passenger in an automobile. For instance, nearly one in ten cycle travellers in the UK faces minor accidents while riding in the city.

However, governments can bring back the popularity of cycling by introducing a rider safety scheme and promoting the health benefits of transport. They can provide dedicated lanes for cycling on most of the major streets. The lanes could be 2.5 meter wide of both sides of the road, fully segregated from pedestrians and automobiles. Moreover, highlighting its immense health benefit, regular promotional campaigns could run through different online platforms. These awareness and safety measures encourage people to use a bicycle as their regular mode of transport. For instance, almost every person in Denmark owns a bicycle, which is due to the safety aggressive promotion by the government.

In conclusion, because of safety concern, cycling is losing its popularity day by day. However, it can be brought back by proper governmental actions, such as promoting its health benefits and ensuring segregated cycling lanes on both sides of all the major roads.

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Despite the undeniable advantages that cycling offers as a healthier and more environmentally friendly mode of transport, its popularity is on a noticeable decline. This essay explores the underlying causes of this downward trend and proposes solutions to revitalise cycling’s appeal to the masses.

One primary reason for cycling’s diminishing allure is the growing concern for safety on the roads. With traffic congestion worsening in urban areas, cyclists find themselves navigating alongside larger, faster vehicles, leading to a heightened fear of accidents. Furthermore, the lack of adequate cycling infrastructure, such as dedicated bike lanes, exacerbates these safety concerns. Additionally, the convenience offered by motorised transport often overshadows the health and environmental benefits of cycling. The allure of quicker, effort-minimal travel options in our fast-paced society makes them more appealing to the general public, thereby sidelining cycling as a preferred mode of transport.

Addressing these challenges requires a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, enhancing cycling infrastructure is paramount. The development of more dedicated bike lanes, coupled with the implementation of strict traffic regulations to protect cyclists, can significantly mitigate safety concerns. Moreover, raising awareness about the environmental and health benefits of cycling is crucial. Public campaigns highlighting the notion "cycling is a healthier and more environmentally friendly form of transport" can foster a cultural shift towards valuing sustainable modes of transport. Additionally, initiatives like bike-sharing schemes and incentives for cycling to work could further encourage people to opt for this green mode of transportation.

In conclusion, while cycling is undeniably a healthier and more environmentally friendly form of transport, its waning popularity underscores the need for concerted efforts to address safety concerns and enhance the convenience it offers. By investing in infrastructure, promoting its benefits, and incentivizing its use, we can rekindle the public’s interest in cycling as a preferred mode of transportation, thus contributing to a healthier society and a cleaner environment.

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Sample Essay 3

It is irrefutable that riding bicycle does wonder not only for people’s health but also for the environment. Nevertheless, there is a downward tendency of using this mode of transport over the last few years. This essay is going to examine the reasons behind this trend before offering some solutions to mitigate the problems.

There are some compelling reasons why more and more people are indifferent towards riding bike. First of all, cycling is, more often than not, not a safe choice when riding on roads, especially on the busy ones due to lack of separate lanes for bicycle users. The implication of this is that bike users tend to use the same lane with cars and other heavy vehicles, like bus or tram, so the likelihood of causing accident is too high. In addition to this, people can only ride bicycle within a short distance, whereas using cars and public transport can take them to anywhere regardless the distance. Also, people with hectic schedule often do not have enough time for themselves, let alone choosing to ride bicycle to work or school which would cost them a lot of time.

Nevertheless, I believe that the aforementioned reasons are not intractable, and there are some solutions that can be offered to address the issue. To begin with, governments should channel into road improvement projects. For example, widening the road with a separate bicycle lane from other transports would be of tremendous benefits to increase road safety. Moreover, setting up more bicycle stations can encourage people to rent it more in accordance with their convenience. The final suggestion could be organizing campaigns to raise awareness among road users. For instance, the masses should be engaged in an occasional cycling tour to make them realize the incredible benefits that cycling can offer.

In conclusion, while there are some reasons behind the downward trend of riding bicycles around the world, I am strongly convinced that there are a number of ways in which cycling can gain back its position.

Sample Essay 4

Cycling is known to be an eco-friendly form of transportation, but it is recently becoming less popular among people. The recession of this trend is due to people choosing faster means of transportation, and to feeling unsafe when cycling. However, highlighting the benefits of cycling and developing larger lanes will make this trend popular again.

To begin with, people choosing to adopt a faster way of transportation is the main reason behind not using bicycles anymore. They prefer to commute and arrive early, rather than making an effort and taking more time to arrive at their work. For instance, youngsters prefer commuting overriding a bike to arrive at their college, since it is faster and trendier. Above that, people claim that tight and narrow lanes generate accidents, and therefore they feel unsafe and unprotected when cycling.

For that matter, schools and parents can encourage their pupils to cycle again by informing them about the numerous benefits of cycling. By highlighting the advantages of cycling, such us losing weight, children will be encouraged to move around using their bicycles. On top of that, governments must develop larger lanes to prevent accidents from happening. As a result, people will feel confident that using that method of transportation will not make them encounter any unpleasant accidents.

To conclude, cycling has become less popular because of the changes in people’s transportation methods. They tend to prefer faster and safer means of travelling around. To seize down this trend, schools and caregivers must enlighten their offspring about the prolific benefits of cycling. Moreover, governments should re-establish lanes’ dimensions in order to make them more secure. Nonetheless, all countries should take actions towards encouraging people to use this environmentally friendly form of transportation.

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