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Exploration of Space Justifies A large Amount of Government and Private Investment - Task 2 Band 9

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people feel that the exploration of space justifies a large amount of government and private investment. Other people think that this field is of increasingly low relevance and should not be a priority.

Debate both sides of this discussion and explain your own view.

How important is it for us to explore space at the moment?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample (Exploration of space justifies a large amount of government and private investment)

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Model Essay 1

The debate surrounding space exploration, juxtaposing its perceived necessity against arguments for reallocating its extensive funding towards more terrestrial concerns, encapsulates a pivotal discourse on humanity's priorities. This essay posits that while the quest beyond our atmosphere offers unparalleled opportunities for advancement and discovery, a balance must be meticulously maintained with pressing earthly needs.

Proponents of space exploration argue that its benefits extend far beyond the initial excitement of discovery, impacting various facets of daily life through technological advancements. The space race catalyzed breakthroughs in numerous sectors, including telecommunications, medical imaging, and more, showcasing a profound symbiotic relationship between space technology and its terrestrial applications. Additionally, the quest for cosmic knowledge harbors the potential to unravel existential mysteries and promote global unity. Satellite technology, a quintessential outcome of space ventures, is pivotal in enhancing global communication, refining weather forecasting, and streamlining disaster response, thereby reinforcing its critical role in contemporary society.

Conversely, critics contend that the astronomical sums allocated to space exploration cannot be justified when juxtaposed against the backdrop of pressing global challenges like poverty, climate change, and healthcare shortfalls. They argue that diverting even a fraction of the space exploration budget towards mitigating these issues could result in significant, immediate, and potentially life-saving benefits worldwide. Furthermore, the critique of space exploration's diminishing returns emphasizes the argument that resources dedicated to space could be more impactful if channeled towards sustainable development goals, thus more directly confronting the pressing needs and challenges of our planet. This perspective advocates for a reevaluation of priorities, suggesting that the quest for knowledge beyond our atmosphere should not eclipse the imperative to address and ameliorate the critical conditions facing humanity on Earth.

In conclusion, space exploration significantly enhances our scientific and technological prowess. However, its importance must be weighed carefully against urgent earthly needs. It's vital to find a balance, ensuring our quest for cosmic knowledge does not detract from addressing critical global challenges. This essay champions space exploration but emphasizes the necessity of also focusing on pressing terrestrial concerns.

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Model Essay 2

The debate on space exploration investment contrasts its potential for scientific progress with Earth's critical issues. This essay contends that while space exploration showcases human ingenuity and promises significant benefits, a balanced approach is essential, focusing on both unlocking the universe's mysteries and addressing pressing terrestrial needs such as climate change, healthcare, and poverty.

Advocates for space exploration underscore its pivotal role in propelling technological innovation and deepening our cosmic comprehension, heralding a new era of interconnectedness and global insight. Notably, satellite technology, birthed from the ambitious crucible of space endeavors, has revolutionized communication, meteorological forecasting, and global positioning, thereby substantiating space exploration's palpable societal advantages. Beyond these technological feats, space missions foster an unprecedented level of international unity and collaboration, arming humanity with the means to tackle existential menaces like asteroid collisions. This broadens their impact, transcending the realm of scientific inquisitiveness to touch upon the very fabric of global cooperation and preparedness against cosmic threats, thus illustrating a profound, expansive impact that reverberates well beyond mere academic curiosity.

Conversely, opponents of space exploration contend that the considerable funds allocated to it could be more judiciously spent on addressing immediate terrestrial challenges, such as mitigating climate change, advancing global healthcare, and obliterating poverty. They argue that the direct benefits from tackling these issues would markedly enhance life quality and sustainability on Earth, offering a more immediate return on investment. This perspective further posits that the resources poured into space exploration might yield diminishing returns when compared to the profound impact potential of addressing pressing global concerns, thereby highlighting the crucial need for strategic resource allocation and prioritization.

In conclusion, while space exploration marks the height of human ambition, it should not detract from addressing Earth's urgent needs. Achieving a balance is essential, ensuring our cosmic endeavors also honor our responsibilities to our planet.

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Model Essay 3

There is an argument that space exploration is not that much important for spending a government and private fund compared to that of the other essential areas. Though this massive project might come at the cost of people’s basic issues global warming, this essay believes that the space probe is more important, as it can lead to a new scientific and technological revolution. I am going to elucidate the idea in detail in the following paragraphs.

On one hand, those who support the idea of keeping the exploration of new planets point to the large benefit of technological development behind all these space research, since this boosts the quality of human life. For example, the most Apollo eleven's research works were the basis for creating smartphones and also other artificial intelligence, which we can see in various modern factories these days. Moreover, the investigation of new planets may figure out new homes for human being and reduce the consumption of natural resource on Earth. For instance, NASA is working on a new project to extract minerals such as steel from comets, that will diminish the impacts of this sort of industry on Earth.

By contrast, supporters of the interruption of space projects claim that our society has a huge range of more important issues to deal with, and we should spend money and energy to address them. The question of global warming, for instance, is a pressing issue. It is gradually going beyond of our control. Each year the Earth is experiencing unusual natural disasters and climate changes. A number of species are at the threat of extinction due to the abnormal rise of temperature. Only a couple of scientists are really working to address this. In fact, it demands a public and private partnership to deal with, because it incurs a huge volume of cost. Therefore, rather than investing for space exploration, funds should be prioritized to save the species, the planet.

In conclusion, admitting the essential issue like global warming that need to be funded to deal with, I believe that investment in space exploration demands more importance. It can benefit us in the long run by finding a new home and founding the next technological innovation.

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