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Having a Set of Retirement Age (e.g. 65 Years) for Everybody is Unfair - Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample

Updated: Apr 15

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Some people think that having a set of retirement age (e.g. 65 years) for everybody, regardless of occupation, is unfair. They believe that certain workers deserve to retire and receive a pension at an earlier age.

Do you agree or disagree?

Which types of workers do you think should benefit from early retirement?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample (Having a set of retirement age (e.g. 65 years) for everybody, regardless of occupation, is unfair.)

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Model Essay 1

The concept of a universal retirement age, such as 65 years, has been a subject of contention, with arguments asserting its inequity across diverse occupations. I concur that certain professions warrant an earlier retirement due to the unique demands they impose on individuals. This essay will explore the rationale behind early retirement for physically demanding and high-stress jobs.

Physically demanding roles, such as construction workers or firefighters, subject individuals to extreme physical stress that can exacerbate health issues over prolonged periods. These professions often involve rigorous physical activity, exposure to hazardous materials, and a significant risk of injury, which can lead to chronic conditions. Consequently, extending the retirement age for these workers not only endangers their health but also compromises the quality of work they are able to deliver. For instance, a comprehensive study revealed that firefighters experience a notably higher rate of cardiovascular diseases compared to the general population, emphatically underscoring the need for them to have the option to retire earlier to mitigate such grave health risks effectively.

Similarly, occupations with high emotional and psychological demands, such as healthcare professionals and educators, warrant consideration for early retirement benefits. These workers endure constant stress, emotional drain, and the potential for burnout due to the intense nature of their duties, which demand high levels of empathy and continuous, thoughtful engagement with individuals' well-being and educational needs. Allowing early retirement offers these dedicated professionals a well-deserved respite and ensures that their sectors remain highly productive with a workforce that is both mentally fit and deeply motivated. For example, numerous teachers who opt for early retirement report significant improvements in their mental health and overall life satisfaction, vividly illustrating the profound benefits and positive impact of implementing such forward-thinking policies.

In conclusion, a one-size-fits-all retirement age neglects the unique demands and risks of certain jobs. Prioritizing early retirement for those in physically strenuous and high-stress roles is crucial for their well-being and the quality of their work, fostering a fairer and healthier society.

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Model Essay 2

The debate over a universal retirement age has garnered considerable attention, with many advocating for adjustments based on occupational demands. I staunchly support the notion that retirement should not be uniformly dictated but instead tailored to the nature of the work, especially for professions that impose severe physical and mental strains on workers.

Occupations such as healthcare and mining undeniably present unique challenges that justify an earlier retirement age. Healthcare professionals, for example, face relentless stress and irregular hours that can have profound effects on their physical and mental health. The continuous exposure to high-stress environments, coupled with the physical demands of long shifts, often results in burnout. According to a comprehensive study by the American Medical Association, over 40% of healthcare workers experience burnout symptoms before reaching the age of 60, clearly underscoring the need for earlier retirement options to preserve health and maintain quality of care. This preventative approach not only enhances the longevity of healthcare workers’ careers but also ensures they can provide optimal care throughout their tenure.

Similarly, miners work under hazardous conditions that are not only physically demanding but also perilous. The daily risk of accidents in such environments increases with age, as physical agility and sensory acuity typically decline. Research from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health highlights a significant increase in mining accidents involving workers over 55, compared to their younger counterparts. This data compellingly argues for policies that permit these workers to retire earlier, ensuring their safety and well-being. Early retirement for miners would not only reduce the incidence of work-related injuries but also decrease the long-term health costs associated with such high-risk occupations.

In conclusion, tailoring retirement ages to occupational demands is crucial. Professions like healthcare and mining pose significant risks, necessitating earlier retirement to preserve health and safety. Adjusting policies accordingly not only respects workers' contributions but also ensures a more sustainable workforce.

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Model Essay 3

The circumstances of being retired is an ongoing debate. There is an opinion that profession plays a key role in deciding the age of retirement and some individuals should have a right to retire before others. I completely agree with this statement and in my essay I will explain the reasons and some kinds of jobs. 

It is obvious that some humans have a more exhausting programme in their business life than others, namely health workers. They have obligatory shifts in order to make a constant treatment for their patients. Additionally, it is mostly impossible to prefer working only during the day. To be more precise, almost everyone has to work in the hospitals even at night while other people sleep. In a survey which was conducted by the Psychology Department of Uludag University between 2022-2023, it was found that working during the day is less stressful than at night and the stress level of some individuals, who work just weekdays and during the day, is lesser. From my view, everyone deserves to have a healthy lifestyle and we should take action for early retirement in order to both encourage people to work in medicine and give health workers a chance to maintain a healthy life.

There should be some arrangements for early retirement for certain jobs such as health workers and miners. As people get older they lose their concentration to maintain their jobs and this situation may result in accidents. For instance, a nurse who is at 50s cannot be as effective as a young colleague. So, it is reasonable to make them retire at an early age on behalf of both them and their patients. Additionally, miners need to be careful while doing their risky jobs. However, it is inevitable to make more mistakes with an increased age. 

In conclusion, in my opinion, it is sensible to impose early retirement for some professions such as health workers and miners because of the nature of these jobs and workers’ harsh working conditions. 

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Model Essay 4

The imposition of a uniform retirement age, typically at 65, has sparked debate over its fairness across different professions. This essay argues that the notion of a fixed retirement age does not account for the diverse demands and risks associated with various occupations, particularly advocating for early retirement for physically intensive and high-stress roles.

Physically intensive occupations, such as those in construction and emergency services, impose a significant toll on workers' physical health. The strenuous nature of these jobs, coupled with exposure to potential hazards and the relentless physical demands, unequivocally demands a reassessment of retirement age policies. For example, research robustly highlights that construction workers are notably prone to musculoskeletal disorders, suggesting a tailored retirement age could significantly prevent long-term health deterioration and enhance quality of life.

Similarly, professions experiencing high levels of emotional and psychological stress, including healthcare workers and teachers, present a compelling case for early retirement considerations. The chronic stress associated with these pivotal roles can precipitate burnout, adversely affecting both performance and mental health, thus undermining the efficacy of the services provided. An illustrative, comprehensive study on healthcare professionals demonstrated a direct, undeniable correlation between job stress and the quality of patient care, reinforcing the argument for allowing these dedicated workers to retire earlier to maintain high service standards and safeguard their well-being.

In conclusion, adhering to a universal retirement age overlooks the specific challenges and health risks inherent in certain professions. Recognizing the need for differentiated retirement ages, especially for jobs that are physically demanding or involve high stress levels, is crucial for protecting workers' health and ensuring the continuation of quality services. Such a policy shift would not only honor the contributions of these workers but also contribute to a more adaptable and compassionate society.

Model Essay 5

There is a popular view that a fixed retirement age should not be applicable to everyone, some specific sector workers could be counted as exceptional regarding this age limit rule. I certainly support this idea considering the risk and hostile workplace conditions of some professions. I will elucidate why the key workers like health professionals and construction staffs could be allowed to reap their early retirement benefits.

The value of the working hour varies in accordance with different time, culture, and context. In fact, it goes according to the necessity of a society, and more importantly, it depends on a country’s overall economic structure. Here in Brazil, in the late nineteen fifties, construction workers were highly paid mostly because of the nation´s rapid development. This contrasts with today´s situation in which their income is below the national average. Nevertheless, in both contexts, their retirement age limit has been the same even though the payment and workload are varied.

In addition, we know that some labours have more exposure to riskier work environment, and this should be addressed by the National Providential system. It is ridiculous to put both the comfort office workers and the workers of life-threatening adverse atmosphere in the same basket. This irrational common ground mechanism is a clear reflection of governmental ignorance to the key workers who dedicate their everything at a relatively younger age than the other groups. It includes construction workers, miners, radiologist, and many blue colour workers who are always exposed to health risk and end up with losing work fitness at an early age. Considering this scenario, governments are obliged to support them with early retirement age benefits.

In conclusion, each society has its own values and needs. We must take into account all the labour risk factors as key criteria for setting up the retirement age limit. In fact, a great community is the one that respects individual distinctions and appraises them accordingly.

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