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In Many Families Today, Both Parents Work - IELTS Task 2 Essay Band 9 Sample

Updated: Mar 18

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In Many Families Today, Both Parents Work.

Are there more advantages when a mother works than disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Task 2 Essay Band 9 Sample Answer - In Many Families Today, Both Parents Work.

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Model Essay 1

In the contemporary familial landscape, the phenomenon of dual-income households has burgeoned, primarily due to economic exigencies and personal aspirations. This essay posits that the advantages of both parents, particularly mothers, engaging in professional work significantly outweigh the disadvantages, by enhancing financial stability and modeling gender equality.

Firstly, the economic advantage of a working mother within the familial context is distinctly palpable. With the continuously escalating costs of living, a singular income stream is often markedly insufficient to comprehensively cover a family's multifaceted needs, much less afford discretionary luxuries or amass savings for unforeseen future exigencies. A working mother's contribution to the household's collective income not only facilitates an appreciably higher standard of living but also ensures better educational opportunities for the offspring, alongside a more comfortable and secure retirement plan for the parents. Moreover, dual-income families are positioned more advantageously to adeptly manage unexpected financial crises, such as medical emergencies or sudden unemployment events, thereby underpinning a robust foundation for financial resilience and security in face of adversities.

Secondly, the societal benefits of working mothers extend beyond financial aspects to include the promotion of gender equality and the breaking of traditional gender roles. Children raised in homes where both parents work witness a practical example of gender equality, learning that both men and women are capable of contributing equally to the workforce and domestic responsibilities. This upbringing fosters a generation that values equality and diversity, which is crucial in building a more inclusive society. Moreover, working mothers often report higher levels of self-esteem and satisfaction, as they pursue careers and personal development alongside motherhood.

In conclusion, while the dynamics of dual-income families may present challenges, such as balancing work and family life, the benefits of a working mother, in terms of financial stability and the promotion of a progressive, egalitarian society, are profound.

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Model Essay 2

In today’s evolving societal structure, the necessity for both parents to engage in the workforce has become increasingly apparent, particularly underpinned by the dual pursuit of economic stability and personal fulfillment. This essay argues that the benefits of maternal employment decisively surpass its drawbacks, focusing on the economic empowerment and positive sociocultural shifts it engenders.

Foremost, maternal employment acts as a critical catalyst for economic empowerment within the familial unit. The augmenting financial pressures of modern life render a dual-income not merely advantageous but essential for maintaining and elevating a family's living standards. The additional income provided by working mothers facilitates access to superior educational resources, healthcare, and leisure activities, significantly enhancing the family's overall quality of life. Furthermore, this dual-income model introduces a safety net, allowing families to navigate economic downturns with greater resilience, thus ensuring long-term financial stability and security.

Moreover, the societal ramifications of mothers participating in the workforce extend beyond mere financial benefits, fostering progressive cultural norms and gender equality. Children in families where both parents work are exposed to a dynamic model of shared responsibilities, eroding traditional gender stereotypes and cultivating a mindset of equality from a young age. This exposure is invaluable in shaping future generations’ perceptions of gender roles, encouraging a balanced distribution of domestic and professional duties. Additionally, working mothers often experience a profound sense of personal achievement and autonomy, contributing positively to their mental well-being and setting a powerful example for their offspring.

In conclusion, the multifaceted advantages of maternal employment, encompassing both economic benefits and positive sociocultural shifts, overwhelmingly outweigh any potential disadvantages. The empowerment of women through work not only fortifies families economically but also champions progressive societal values, paving the way for a future where gender equality is not an aspiration but a reality.

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Model Essay 3

Thanks to increased living cost, it has been a norm where both husband and wife work to contribute to their family. Although families often benefit from financial security, I believe that the negative impacts on children and relationships are far greater.

On the one hand, I concede that, payment received from a mother’s job contributes to the savings of the whole family. People usually tend to build a valuable asset, such as own house or car, quite easily if both partners are working together. Moreover, it is argued that husband probably feels less stressful in case of any unwanted expense he might encounter if his partner is earning a reasonable amount of income. This is to say that mutual income support could make their economic status quite stable.

However, despite these benefits, I strongly believe that there are several aspects which affect a family of working mother far more adversely. Firstly, children seem to be the worst sufferer. When a mother is working at night shift, it is not possible in most cases to breast their babies. Even worse, having returned home after an exhausting working day, mothers can hardly offer proper care and attention to their kids. Likewise, husband also rarely gets adequate opportunity to spend quality time together as wife is generally busy with her office workload. Family conflict, as a result, tends to be prevalent between couples where both partners are simultaneously busy with their career. In fact, most broken families have a history of working female partner. In my opinion, no amount of payment is worth risking your relationship for.

In conclusion, while working mothers bring financial value to their families, deprivation of proper parental care and mutual misunderstanding between couples have far greater negative impact on a family. Therefore, I believe, the upsides of a family with both working parents do not outweigh the downsides.

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