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Many people work long hours, leaving little time for leisure activities - Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample

Updated: Mar 16

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

Many people work long hours, leaving little time for leisure activities.

Does this situation have more advantages or more disadvantages?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample (Many people work long hours, leaving little time for leisure activities.)

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Model Essay 1

In an era dominated by the relentless pursuit of success, many find themselves engrossed in work, significantly curtailing leisure time. This essay posits that the disadvantages of such a lifestyle outweigh its advantages, focusing on the impact on mental health and personal relationships.

The relentless chase for professional achievements often comes at a steep cost to one's mental well-being. Extended work hours can lead to chronic stress, a precursor to numerous psychological issues, including anxiety and depression. The human brain, akin to a machine, necessitates downtime for rejuvenation. Without sufficient leisure activities, which serve as a mental respite, individuals are prone to a burnout, characterized by emotional exhaustion and reduced accomplishment feeling. For instance, a study by the American Psychological Association highlights a direct correlation between leisure deprivation and increased stress levels, underscoring the necessity of balance for mental health.

Moreover, the erosion of personal relationships is a significant consequence of excessive work. Time is a finite resource, and when work monopolizes it, opportunities for nurturing relationships significantly dwindle. Familial bonds and friendships require dedicated attention and time, essential ingredients that become exceedingly scarce when work demands take precedence. This imbalance can lead to a profound sense of isolation and loneliness, further exacerbating mental health issues. The narrative of a successful entrepreneur who, despite professional triumphs, faces familial estrangement vividly illustrates this predicament, highlighting the often overlooked emotional cost of such imbalance.

In conclusion, hard work is crucial for success, yet the sacrifice of leisure time significantly harms mental health and personal relationships. Achieving a balance between work and leisure is vital for a fulfilling life, underscoring the importance of leisure in maintaining well-being and relationships.

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Model Essay 2

In today's fast-paced society, the balance between work and leisure is increasingly skewed towards the former, often at the expense of personal well-being. This essay argues that while dedication to one's career is admirable, the resultant marginalization of leisure time is predominantly detrimental, impacting mental health and social connections detrimentally.

The crux of the issue lies in the adverse effects on mental health stemming from excessive work. Psychological research consistently evidences the link between prolonged working hours and elevated stress levels, which can escalate into more serious conditions such as anxiety and depression. Notably, the brain, much like any organ, requires periods of rest to maintain optimal function. The absence of leisure activities, which act as a form of psychological decompression, deprives individuals of this essential recovery time. An illustrative example is found in the tech industry, where high-profile cases of burnout have shed light on the need for leisure to sustain creativity and productivity.

Equally concerning is the impact of extensive work hours on personal and familial relationships. The scarcity of time available for social interactions severely leads to a weakening of bonds that are absolutely crucial for emotional support and well-being. The narrative of a dedicated healthcare professional, who regrettably misses significant family milestones due to unyielding work commitments, serves as a poignant testament to this growing issue. These instances vividly underscore the invaluable role that leisure time plays in nurturing and preserving relationships, contributing significantly to a well-rounded and genuinely fulfilling life.

In conclusion, striving for professional success should not overshadow the importance of leisure, crucial for mental well-being and relationships. A balanced approach between work and leisure is vital for overall life satisfaction. This essay underscores the need to prioritize leisure for a harmonious life.

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Sample Essay 3

The increasing trend of extended work hours or overtime has resulted in limited time for leisure. This essay posits that while the primary advantage of this is increased income, there are more disadvantages as this trend causes many diseases in the future.

The financial benefit of working long hours is straightforward - the more time one invests in their job, the more money they can earn. This can provide greater financial security and stability, allowing individuals to live a more comfortable lifestyle and potentially achieve their materialistic goals. In many developing countries, people are willing to work extended hours or overtime to increase their income and improve their standard of living. The correlation between work hours and financial gain is undeniable, making it an attractive option for many people looking to improve their financial situation. For example, in many developing countries, people are sacrificing leisure time to work overtime and earn extra money to maintain a better standard of living or achieve their materialistic aspirations. In this sense, working long hours can provide individuals with a direct and tangible financial benefit.

However, the trend of extended work hours results in limited time for leisure activities, which can have adverse effects on one's health. Prolonged sedentary behaviour, a common by-product of working long hours, can lead to the onset of diseases such as cardiovascular diseases or obesity. For instance, studies have shown that an increasing number of people are becoming overweight due to a lack of physical activity caused by excessive work, resulting in a sedentary lifestyle. This highlights the importance of striking a balance between work and leisure, as the long-term effects of neglecting leisure activities can be detrimental to one's health. By prioritizing leisure pursuits, individuals can maintain a healthy lifestyle, preventing the development of diseases caused by prolonged sedentary behaviour.

In conclusion, while longer work hours may provide financial stability, it is imperative to recognize the potential harm it may cause to one's health in the long term.

Sample Essay 4

All over the world, people’s lifestyles are transforming with their busy work schedules. Though some people consider such a development result in a better income for families, in my opinion, they lead to a lack of communication between family members on the long run. The following paragraphs will elucidate why the disadvantages of these alterations outweigh the advantages.

Nowadays, the long working hours due to fast-paced environment of people’s lives has been damaging familial interactions, and it is becoming almost impossible for parents to spend some quality time together with their children. These days, as the general level of income is relatively lower, most of the parents are required to work full time to stretch out their salaries all through the months. In other words, parents need to spend major share of their days at workplaces, to ensure a better earning. At the end of the day, by the time they arrive home, children have finished with the day and gone for beds. As a result, parents and children cannot have the valuable time together which is must for the children’s proper raising.

In addition, parents would lose the chance to listen to their children or build a strong emotional connection with them. For example, dinner was one of the most important meals in the traditional families, it used to give both parents and children a chance to interact closely and convey messages to the Kids regarding the right manners or other valuable lessons. But this incredible chapter is becoming obsolete because of the unprecedentedly extended working hours. As a result, lesser parental time is not only depriving children from gaining a proper growth, but also it is breeding childhood traumas which can eventually lead to a mental illness in their adult life as well.

To conclude, with the advent of modernisation and the resulting financial strain, parents are getting heavily involved in their professional aspects and earning better money, but it has an extremely detrimental impact on their children’s proper growth. This is how the disadvantages of working for long hours are obviously outweighing its advantages.

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