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New homes are needed, but the only space available for building them is..(IELTS Band 9 Sample Essay)

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

In many places, new homes are needed, but the only space available for building them is in the countryside. Some people believe it is more important to protect the countryside and not build new homes there.

What is your opinion about this?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Task 2 Band 9 Essay Sample (In many places, new homes are needed, but the only space available for building them is in the countryside. Some people believe it is more important to protect the countryside and not build new homes there.)

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Sample Essay 1

In contemporary society, the pressing demand for new housing often propels development towards the untouched expanses of the countryside. This encroachment ignites a debate between the necessity of accommodating growing populations and the imperative to preserve natural landscapes. My stance aligns with the judicious development of new homes in rural areas, provided it is executed with stringent environmental safeguards and innovative planning to mitigate ecological impact.

Central to the argument for countryside development is the undeniable need to address the housing crisis that plagues many regions. Urban areas, brimming to capacity, leave little room for expansion without compromising the quality of life. By contrast, the countryside offers a blank canvas for creating sustainable communities. Employing green building technologies and low-impact designs, such as solar energy and water recycling systems, can ensure that these new homes contribute positively to their surroundings. Moreover, well-planned rural developments can alleviate urban congestion, fostering a balanced spread of population and resources.

Conversely, the sanctity of rural landscapes holds profound value, not just in ecological terms but also in cultural and aesthetic ones. The countryside acts as a vital green lung, offering respite from urban sprawl and a sanctuary for biodiversity. Therefore, any development should prioritize minimal disruption, preserving as much natural habitat as possible. Strategies like building on previously developed or low-quality land and enhancing green spaces within new communities can create a harmonious coexistence between human habitation and nature.

In conclusion, the dilemma of building new homes in the countryside necessitates a nuanced approach, balancing the urgent need for housing with the imperative to protect our natural heritage. Through innovative, environmentally sensitive development strategies, we can forge a future where both objectives coalesce, ensuring that the expansion into rural areas enriches both human and ecological communities alike. This balanced path offers a pragmatic solution to one of the most pressing challenges of our time, embodying a commitment to sustainability and quality of life for future generations.

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Sample Essay 2

It is always a controversial topic whether people should protect the environment and not construct new houses or apartments in rural areas, as there is not enough land in cities. I strongly agree with this statement, because countryside is the major contributor to the ecological balance which could be severely damaged due to the housing construction.

We know most of the animals reside in rural places as there is not much destruction or pollution of all kinds from humans. If people start establishing their homes in those areas, it will damage various kinds of flora and fauna resulting in a serious environmental problem, because it can distort the ecological balance, which is all about the natural coexistence between living organisms such as human being, plants, and animals as well as their environment. In other words, when the natural balance breaks down due to the ecological destruction, some plants can grow excessively fast, reducing the available space for the others.

In addition, due to the ecological disruption brought by housing projects in countryside, minor animals will be the most victim of human invasion, resulting in some animal species will overpower the minor ones and turn to be predators, which eventually leads to further extinction of the endangered ones. For instance, only about 20 years ago, there were more than six thousand elephants in African National Safari Park when these mighty animals surfed in large groups and saved themselves from other predator creatures, however, since then the intrusion of wood loggers and human relocations have been killing them drastically and reducing the size of the elephant groups significantly smaller, which is making it easier for the predators like lions to attack the remainder elephants. Therefore, choosing the rural landscapes for building homes is never a justifiable approach.

To conclude, the construction of the people’s residence in rural areas does more harm than good, because countryside is a natural repository which is the engine of the ecological diversity. Its vast range of wildlife is badly impacted if people opt for building homes in this area.

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Sample Essay 3

It is argued that rural areas are not suitable for building houses and should be protected. This essay disagrees with the statement because more houses in the countryside will reduce the population density in big cities and create more job opportunities.

Building more houses in the countryside helps lower the population in big cities. This is because the availability for urbanites’ diverse facilities in their daily life, cities are constantly experiencing influx of population everyday, making houses become scarce and unaffordable in the metropolis. Building new houses with fundamental residential facilities in the rural areas will provide low-cost accommodations, attracting people to move here from crowded big cities., which will reduce the population density in the metropolis. For example, Canada has many programs that provide affordable homes in the countryside to encourage its citizens to move to rural areas.

Another reason to build more accommodations in the countryside is that it will create more jobs. This is true because the more houses are built, the more workers are needed. As a result, there would be more job opportunities in rural areas. Moreover, more residents mean that the area has a tremendous workforce, this will attract big companies to build more factories which will bring more jobs to the rural area. For instance, in 2000, Vietnam built more houses in Thu Duc city, which was a rural area at that time, to bring more residents to the area, and now Thu Duc city is one of the big cities and has the most job vacancies in Vietnam.

In conclusion, I disagree with the idea that houses should not be built in the countryside, because I strongly believe that building new houses in rural regions will make the population in big cities less crowded and generate more jobs as workforce will rise with the increased number of residents.

Sample Essay 4

Residence justice is a debate remained unsolved in many countries. Some say, we should build up more affordable residential for more people to live in the countryside. In contrary, some people thinks that we should protect the unharmed natural countryside from development or even any human activities. However, in my opinion, building houses in countryside is obviously practical, as long as we are ensuring the environmental preservation in these new housing areas.

To make our living more convenient, the government builds infrastructures such as, major transportations, roads and motorways, powerplants for the local communities. Therefore, people start concerning about the pollution and irrecoverable impact of the natural environment. When there are constructions, destruction of biomes of the greens and rivers might occur. Furthermore, some of the species would migrate or even go extinct. It is understandable of the argument about the environmental concerns. But, thanks to the modern technologies, the countryside occupation with limited impact is achievable.

For example, we should not use the natural resource to the extreme. We don’t build too many buildings in all over the places. We can conduct the preserve areas to maintain the harmony with human civilization and the other creatures. Having the parks and keep the city planted are efficient solutions to help improve the carbon emission. Learning how to recycle the wastes and establish the water systems is also another effective measure.

All in all, I think it is possible for us to live in the countryside and keep its original appearance at the same time. As long as we have the consensus of protecting it and the relevant knowledge to do so.

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