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New Supermarket (S) is Planned in the Town of Garlsdon - Task 1 Map

You should spend about 20 minutes on this task.

The map below is of the town of Garlsdon. A new supermarket (S) is planned for the town. The map shows two possible sites for the supermarket.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Write at least 150 words.

New Supermarket (S) is Planned in the Town of Garlsdon - Task 1 Map

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Model Answer 1

The cartographic depiction centers on Garlsdon, a town populated by 65,000 individuals, and highlights two prospective locales for a new supermarket.

An overview of the town’s geography indicates that the first proposed site, S1, is situated towards the northwest border, while the central site, S2, is nestled within an industrial belt. These sites differ markedly in their proximity to residential areas and transport links, hinting at distinct advantages for the town of Garlsdon's diverse demographic.

Examining the details, site S1 finds itself adjacent to the outskirts, 12 kilometers from Hindon. This location promises a tranquil shopping environment for its 10,000 denizens, away from the urban buzz. However, its distance from the more populous regions of Bransdon and Cransdon, which lie 16 and 25 kilometers away respectively, might limit its accessibility for a considerable number of the town of Garlsdon's residents.

Conversely, site S2 offers a centralized position, potentially serving as a commercial nexus in the town of Garlsdon. Surrounded by the main roads and with the railway bisecting the vicinity, it stands to benefit from superior connectivity. This central site is poised to cater not only to the immediate industrial zone but also to the residential zones to the north and south, thus bridging the gap between different sectors of the town of Garlsdon.

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Model Answer 2

The illustrative map delineates Garlsdon, a town with a population of 65,000, assessing two potential sites for the establishment of a new supermarket.

At a glance, the proposed sites, labelled S1 and S2, are positioned at opposing ends of the town of Garlsdon, each with distinct geographic and demographic implications. S1 is peripherally located, while S2 is at the urban core, adjacent to the industrial sector.

Site S1, on the northwest outskirts near Hindon, seems tailored for the town of Garlsdon's residents who prefer shopping away from the bustling city center. With Hindon's population of 10,000, this site could serve as a convenient option for the locals there, albeit less so for those in Bransdon and Cransdon, situated 16 and 25 kilometers away, respectively.

In contrast, the centrally located S2 is within the industrial heart of the town of Garlsdon, promising easy access for a greater number of residents. Its proximity to the railway and arterial roads enhances its accessibility, potentially drawing shoppers from across the town of Garlsdon. This site, therefore, stands out as a confluence point for consumers from the northern and southern residential belts as well as the adjacent urban areas.

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Model Answer 3

The map proffers an analysis of two prospective locations for a supermarket in the bustling town of Garlsdon, which is home to a considerable populace of 65,000.

The initial observation of the map underscores two salient points: the positioning of the proposed sites S1 and S2 in relation to the town's infrastructure and the potential impact on the town of Garlsdon's citizenry. S1 is placed on the outskirts, whereas S2 is situated centrally, each with its unique connectivity and reach.

Site S1 is on the northwestern fringe, near Hindon, which could serve as a retail oasis for the town of Garlsdon's suburban population, particularly for the 10,000 residents of Hindon. Its seclusion from Bransdon and Cransdon, however, might render it less accessible for their combined population of 44,000.

Conversely, site S2 is enveloped by the town's industrial heartbeat, rendering it a potential commercial hub for the town of Garlsdon. The railway and main roads cradle S2, augmenting its accessibility and promising a convergence of shoppers from all corners of the town. For the industrious and residential communities flanking the north and south, S2 could be the epitome of convenience.

Model Answer 4

The map illustration provides a comparative analysis of two potential sites for a forthcoming supermarket in the town of Garlsdon, a settlement home to 65,000 residents. The primary focus of the sites is on convenience and accessibility for the local populace.

The overarching detail of the map is the strategic placement of the two sites in relation to the town’s main features. The first site, designated S1, is positioned on the periphery near Hindon, offering a less congested environment potentially favoring the residents of that locality. In contrast, the second site, marked as S2, lies centrally, ensconced within the industrial zone, potentially serving a broader segment including Bransdon and Cransdon.

Delving into the specifics, site S1 is located northwest of the town center, adjacent to the countryside, thereby offering ease of access for the 10,000 Hindon residents. Its relative remoteness from the central urban hustle could be perceived as a drawback or a benefit depending on the perspective. On the other hand, site S2 is advantageously situated at the heart of the town, encircled by the industrial zone and residential areas. Its proximity to the railway and the main thoroughfares could render it a logistical hub, facilitating easy ingress and egress for shoppers from various parts of the town of Garlsdon.

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