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More People Are Now Behaving More Violently Than Before - IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay

You should spend about 40 minutes on this task.

Write about the following topic:

More people are now behaving more violently in society than before.

Can this behaviour be prevented?

Discuss the causes and reasons for this trend.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay - More people are now behaving more violently in society than before. Can this behaviour be prevented?  Discuss the causes and reasons for this trend.

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Model Essay 1

The observable escalation in aggressive conduct within contemporary society has sparked considerable debate. This essay contends that such behavior, driven by psychological distress and societal norms, can be curbed through targeted interventions.

Psychological factors play a pivotal role in the surge of violence, with stress, stemming from professional or personal pressures, often leading to aggression as a misguided outlet for relief. For instance, a multitude of research indicates a significant correlation between workplace stress and domestic violence, suggesting that unmanaged emotional turmoil can escalate into physical aggression. Moreover, societal norms, particularly those glorifying machismo and retaliation as forms of honor, further exacerbate this trend. The valorization of aggression in popular culture, from movies to social media, not only normalizes but actively encourages violent responses to conflict, setting a perilous precedent for impressionable audiences and perpetuating a cycle of aggression.

Counteracting this worrisome trend requires a two-pronged approach: vigorously promoting mental health awareness and decisively reshaping societal norms. Increased accessibility to mental health resources, including comprehensive counseling and stress management programs, can provide individuals with healthier mechanisms for coping with stress. Furthermore, educational initiatives that challenge aggressive stereotypes and robustly advocate for conflict resolution and empathy can help alter the cultural landscape, making non-violence not only aspirational but normative. By fostering an environment where mental well-being is prioritized and non-aggressive behaviors are celebrated, society can gradually dismantle the foundations of violence and pave the way for more peaceful interactions.

In summary, the rise in violent behavior is a complex issue with deep psychological and cultural roots. However, through comprehensive mental health support and cultural reform, society can significantly reduce aggression, steering towards a future marked by understanding and peace. This solution-oriented approach underscores the necessity for a holistic strategy, uniting individuals and institutions in the pursuit of a more harmonious society.

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Model Essay 2

In recent years, an unsettling trend has emerged, with a noticeable increase in societal violence. This essay posits that while such behavior stems from multifaceted causes including economic disparities and the proliferation of digital media, it can indeed be mitigated through comprehensive societal and policy interventions.

Central to understanding this uptrend is the recognition of economic disparities as a primary catalyst. The widening gap between the affluent and the underprivileged breeds resentment and a sense of injustice, often manifesting in violent behaviors. For instance, individuals facing financial destitution may resort to crime as a means of survival or protest, reflecting a direct correlation between economic strife and aggression. Moreover, the digital age has intensified exposure to violent content, desensitizing individuals and, in some cases, encouraging imitation. The omnipresence of media glorifying aggression serves not only to normalize such behavior but also to inspire it, as evidenced by the rise in copycat crimes following high-profile acts of violence reported in the media.

However, these causes are not insurmountable. Addressing economic inequality through policies that ensure equitable distribution of wealth, such as progressive taxation and increased investment in social services, can alleviate the desperation that often drives violence. Simultaneously, implementing stricter regulations on media content and fostering digital literacy can mitigate the impact of violent imagery, teaching consumers to critically evaluate the media they consume and its potential effects on their behavior.

In conclusion, while the increase in violent behavior within society is undeniably concerning, it is a phenomenon rooted in solvable issues. By tackling the underlying causes of economic disparity and the unregulated spread of violent content in the digital realm, society can move towards a future where such behaviors are significantly diminished.


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Model Essay 3

In the contemporary era, there has been a discernible uptick in violent behaviour across society. Such a phenomenon could be linked to two principal factors: social inequality and the prevalence of violent media. Nonetheless, a potential solution to this problem could be found in promoting social equity and disseminating messages of nonviolence through the media. The essay is going to explore this notion in further depth.

Economic inequality can contribute to feelings of resentment and anger towards those who are perceived to have more wealth and power, leading to violent acts of jealousy or revenge. For instance, when individuals feel marginalized or oppressed, they may become frustrated and angry, leading to violent outbursts. This can be seen in instances of protests and riots, where people who feel their voices are not being heard turn to violence as a means of expression. In addition, with the rise of the internet and social media, individuals are increasingly exposed to graphic images and videos of violence. This exposure can desensitize people to violent acts, making them more likely to engage in violent behaviour themselves. Studies have shown that children who are exposed to violent media are more likely to exhibit aggressive behaviour as adults.

However, preventing violent behaviour in society requires a multi-pronged approach that addresses the root causes of aggression and provides individuals with the necessary tools to manage their emotions in healthy ways. This includes investing in early childhood education, promoting mental health awareness and access to treatment, reducing socioeconomic inequalities, and implementing evidence-based interventions such as conflict resolution programs and community policing strategies. Additionally, fostering a culture of respect and empathy, and promoting non-violent communication can help create a safer and more peaceful society.

To summarize, it is possible to foster a society where individuals can flourish without resorting to violent and harmful behaviour by addressing the root causes that contribute to such conduct, such as societal inequality and the portrayal of violence in media. By proactively tackling these underlying factors, we can promote a peaceful and prosperous society where every individual can lead a fulfilling life.

Model Essay 4

The prevalence of violent behaviour within society has become a growing concern in recent years. This trend has led many to question whether it can be prevented. This essay will explore the reasons behind this behaviour and argue that addressing the root causes, such as the breakdown of social structures and mental health issues, is essential in preventing violent behaviour from escalating further.

One of the main reasons for the increase in violent behaviour is the breakdown of social structures. The family unit, for instance, has become weaker, leading to a lack of guidance and discipline, which can result in aggressive behaviour. Moreover, the rise of social media and the internet has created a culture of instant gratification, where people feel entitled to act out violently when they do not get what they want. Mental health issues also contribute to violent behaviour. Depression, anxiety, and other disorders can cause people to act out aggressively as a way of coping with their feelings. Substance abuse is another factor that can exacerbate violent behaviour, as drugs and alcohol can impair judgment and inhibit impulse control.

Providing support and resources to individuals struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse is crucial in preventing violent behaviour. Counselling services can help individuals cope with their emotions, while community support groups can provide a sense of belonging and reduce feelings of isolation. Strengthening social structures is also vital in preventing such violent behaviour. Promoting healthy family dynamics can provide guidance and discipline to children, reducing the likelihood of aggressive behaviour. Additionally, community involvement can foster a sense of belonging and responsibility, encouraging individuals to act in the best interests of their community rather than acting out violently.

In conclusion, the increase in violent behaviour is caused by the breakdown of social structures, such as the weakened family unit, and by mental health issues and substance abuse, which can lead to aggressive behaviour as a way of coping. However, providing support and resources to those struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse, as well as strengthening social structures, can help prevent aggressive behaviour from escalating further.

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