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Success of Life is Based on Hard Work and Determination - IELTS Essay

IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay on the Prompt "Some people think that the success of life is based on hard work and determination. Others, however, believe that there are more important factors, such as having money or a good appearance."

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Model Essay 1

The determinants of success in life have long been debated, sparking diverse opinions. Some advocate that success is largely the result of hard work and determination, while others suggest that factors such as financial wealth and physical appearance play a crucial role. This essay will explore both viewpoints before concluding that success is typically influenced by a combination of both personal efforts and external circumstances.

On one hand, the ethos that “hard work and determination are the keys to success” is a widely held belief, supported by countless narratives of individuals overcoming adversity through sheer perseverance. Take, for example, the story of J.K. Rowling, who, despite numerous rejections, transformed her life and career by tirelessly refining and championing her Harry Potter series. This example underscores the idea that dedication and persistence can, indeed, lead to monumental achievements, emphasizing that personal effort should not be underestimated in the pursuit of success.

Conversely, it is undeniable that external factors such as socioeconomic status and aesthetic appeal can significantly shape one’s opportunities and, consequently, one’s success. For instance, research indicates that individuals deemed attractive are more likely to be hired and promoted, which can lead to greater career success. Similarly, coming from a wealthy background can afford individuals access to superior education and professional networks, which often catalyse opportunities unavailable to their less affluent counterparts. These examples highlight how external factors can provide a platform from which individuals may leverage their hard work more effectively.

In synthesizing both perspectives, it becomes apparent that while hard work and determination are indispensable, their efficacy is frequently amplified or hindered by external conditions. An individual's background and appearance often dictate the initial opportunities available to them, which in turn can significantly influence the trajectory of their success.

In conclusion, it is clear that success is not solely the product of one’s efforts or circumstances but rather a complex interplay between the two. Acknowledging this interdependence is crucial in understanding the multifaceted nature of success. Therefore, while personal determination is invaluable, societal factors equally play a critical role in shaping one's ultimate achievements in life.

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Model Essay 2

Numerous factors are intertwined in leading to the success of life. Some believe that hard work and determination is what makes individuals successful, while others think that different factors, such as wealth and appearance, are more vital to succeed. In my opinion, external factors are more crucial than one’s hard work and determination.

One of the most prominent opinions of what is required for success is hard work and determination. This idea is demonstrated through the saying in Japan that means “even if you have a diamond, you need to polish it every day, and if you did not do that, the diamond would just be an ordinary stone.” This illustrates that even if an individual is highly talented, he needs to continuously work hard with a robust determination to keep developing his skills and succeed ultimately. Moreover, without hard work, individuals cannot go beyond the limits that they set by themselves and grow, which are important in getting ahead of others and succeeding.

While hard work and determination plays an important role in one’s success, some people argue that other factors affect one’s life more significantly. Those factors include how wealthy the individuals are, since being rich widens the opportunities for individuals. For instance, my mother was born in a single parent household, meaning not having a substantial amount of money to be spent on educations. Thus, she had no choice but to go to the public school and could not go to the affluent schools, such as private schools, where the quality of education is higher. This exemplifies that it is difficult for individuals who are poor to even have an opportunity to study or work hard in a good environment for success. Aside from money, appearance also contributes to one’s success significantly. Particularly for occupations where individuals are required to speak or act in front of the public audiences, such as actors and news reporters, their appearances are one of the most crucial factors for employers to determine whether they hire the applicants. Therefore, to begin doing one’s best to succeed, a good appearance is significant for individuals.

It is undeniable that both the person’s ability to work hard and external factors affect the success of life; however, I am in complete concurrence with the notion that external conditions are what influence the success in our lives the most. This is because regardless of how determined the person is, he needs to have a certain amount of money and at least an average appearance to even acquire a chance to show his abilities.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that both hard work with determination and other important aspects are crucial to succeed, as they allow individuals to develop their skills and obtain opportunities, respectively. However, I firmly believe that external factors affect the success of life more by giving individuals chance to even attempt to succeed.

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