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The Values That We Learn From Our Parents And Family Have a Greater Influence - IELTS Band 9 Essay

The values that we learn from our parents and family have a greater influence on our future success than any knowledge and skills we learn at school.

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Sample Essay 1

It is often argued that values imparted by family have a more significant impact on our future achievements than the knowledge and skills gained at school. I fully agree with this statement, contending that familial values not only shape personal ethics and drive but also influence long-term success. This essay will explore how these values affect personal development and decision-making, in comparison to formal education.

Familial values are the cornerstone of personal development, influencing behaviour from an early age. For instance, children raised in households that prioritize hard work, integrity, and resilience are likely to embody these traits into adulthood. These values instill a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility, which are crucial for professional success. Unlike school subjects, which are often forgotten, values such as perseverance and moral integrity are ingrained and continually influence decisions and interactions. Moreover, these foundational values often guide one’s approach to learning and adapting, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of formal education received at school.

Moreover, familial values provide a framework for emotional and social intelligence, which are vital for navigating complex personal and professional landscapes. For example, empathy and respect, taught within the family setting, are essential for leadership roles and collaborative environments. These skills are seldom taught with depth in educational systems, yet they play a pivotal role in achieving and maintaining success. Furthermore, the support system provided by a family encourages risk-taking and innovation. Knowing there is a safety net allows individuals to pursue ambitious careers or entrepreneurial ventures, which can lead to significant achievements that are often attributed to professional training but are fundamentally rooted in family-supported courage.

In conclusion, while educational institutions equip us with necessary knowledge and skills, it is the values inherited from our families that predominantly forge our path to success. These values not only shape our character and ethics but also enhance our professional capabilities, thereby having a more profound and enduring impact on our achievements than the more transient skills learned at school.

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Sample Essay 2

The influence of familial values is often deemed more critical to one's future success than the educational pursuits at school. I strongly support this viewpoint, asserting that the moral and ethical grounding provided by family life plays a pivotal role in shaping sustainable success. This essay will discuss how values like integrity and compassion, taught in the home, fundamentally impact career and personal achievements more significantly than academic knowledge.

Family imparts enduring life lessons that often transcend the confines of academic learning. For example, the value of responsibility, frequently emphasized in family settings, prepares individuals for leadership and personal accountability far beyond the classroom's reach. This ingrained sense of duty fosters a proactive approach to both personal and professional challenges, often leading to higher positions and greater success. Additionally, families that stress the importance of financial prudence embed habits that ensure long-term financial stability, a crucial aspect of success not typically covered in school curricula. These life skills, nurtured at home, equip individuals with practical tools that academic settings may overlook.

Furthermore, the emotional support and security provided by a family create a resilient mindset, essential for overcoming life's inevitable setbacks. A supportive family environment teaches coping mechanisms through personal examples and shared experiences, which are seldom replicated in educational frameworks. For instance, witnessing a parent or a family member navigate failure with grace can provide a more lasting and impactful lesson in resilience than theoretical teachings. This emotional education helps forge leaders who are not only adept at managing their own challenges but also capable of empathetically leading others, thus enhancing their potential for success in multifaceted ways that school education alone cannot achieve.

In conclusion, the foundational influence of family values profoundly shapes one’s ability to achieve lasting success, outstripping the benefits of formal schooling. These values provide not only a moral compass but also essential life skills and emotional intelligence that collectively forge a more capable and resilient individual, poised for success in a diverse array of personal and professional endeavours.

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