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Companies Should Hire Young People or Older Experienced Staff Should Be Hired - IELTS Essay

Companies Should Hire Young People or Older Experienced Staff Should Be Hired - IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay

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Model Essay 1

In today's business milieu, the crucial decision between hiring young, innovative minds or experienced veterans poses a significant debate, directly impacting organizational growth and adaptability. Advocating for a balanced recruitment strategy, this essay argues that the fusion of youthful innovation with seasoned expertise not only enriches a company's dynamism but also ensures a comprehensive skill set within the workforce.

Advocates for the younger workforce argue that these individuals, being digital natives, inherently possess a technological fluency and adaptability that is indispensable in today's fast-paced, tech-driven economy. Young professionals, with their fresh perspectives and unbridled enthusiasm, are often seen as catalysts for innovation, challenging traditional paradigms and propelling companies towards cutting-edge advancements. For instance, tech giants like Google and Facebook have long celebrated a culture that cherishes youthful zest alongside innovation, attributing their groundbreaking successes to such vibrant energy and novel thinking.

Conversely, the argument for hiring experienced personnel is anchored in the profound depth of knowledge and expertise these individuals bring. Seasoned professionals not only enrich the workplace with their nuanced understanding of industry intricacies but also serve as invaluable mentors, guiding younger talents through strategic decision-making and complex problem-solving. Their profound professional networks and established relationships can be leveraged for business expansion and strategic alliances. A case in point is IBM’s successful reinvention in the 21st century, significantly attributed to the strategic insights and leadership of its experienced workforce, demonstrating how veteran expertise can steer companies through transformative change.

Balancing these viewpoints, it becomes evident that a holistic hiring strategy is paramount. Companies thrive when they harness the innovative drive of the young alongside the sage wisdom of the experienced. Such a balanced approach, underscored by a focus on the individual’s alignment with company culture and specific qualifications, ensures a workforce that is not only diverse in age but rich in capabilities and perspectives.

In conclusion, the essence of a forward-thinking company lies not in the age of its employees but in the diversity of thought, experience, and innovation they bring to the table. Embracing both the vigour of youth and the wisdom of experience is crucial for any organization aiming to navigate the complexities of the modern business environment successfully.

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Model Essay 2

Debating whether to hire young, dynamic employees or older, experienced staff is pivotal for business innovation and stability. This essay contends that integrating both demographics enhances corporate success, examining their unique contributions and advocating a synergistic approach.

Proponents of hiring younger employees often highlight their adaptability and familiarity with technological advancements, which can be vital for companies aiming to innovate and stay relevant. For instance, tech startups greatly benefit from younger employees who bring fresh perspectives and are adept at navigating new tech platforms. Furthermore, young workers are often more flexible and open to new challenges, making them ideal for roles that require innovation and a proactive approach to problem-solving. Their energy and eagerness to make an impact can invigorate a company's culture, potentially leading to groundbreaking developments.

On the other hand, older employees bring a depth of experience and a wealth of knowledge that is irreplaceable. They are often skilled in managing complex situations, thanks to their extensive background in the industry. For example, in sectors like finance or healthcare, where experience and precision are paramount, the insights of seasoned professionals can steer companies away from potential pitfalls. Moreover, their ability to mentor younger colleagues is invaluable, fostering a learning environment within the company that enhances overall productivity and morale. Their professional stability and loyalty to a company can also reduce turnover rates, which are typically higher among younger employees.

In conclusion, while the enthusiasm and tech-savviness of younger employees are indispensable for fostering innovation, the seasoned expertise and mentorship provided by older staff are equally critical for a company's stability and growth. Thus, a workforce that integrates the strengths of both age groups is likely to be more dynamic and successful.

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Model Essay 3

The question of whether companies should recruit young employees, or the older experienced workforce has sparked a considerable debate. While some argue that junior workers can bring innovation and vitality to the workplace, others contend that experienced employees offer valuable experience and mentorship to the company. From my point of view, company hiring decisions should be based on company culture and individuals’ qualification regardless of age.

On one hand, proponents of hiring young people emphasize that they bring a different way of thinking and fresh perspective to a company, which leads to new and novel approaches and solutions. Additionally, As digital natives, young employees not only bring fresh perspectives but are also inherently skilled in adopting and innovating with the latest technologies, offering companies a dual advantage. Moreover, employees who are new to the company have the willingness to learn. They have a growth mindset and the motivation to build their experience and prove their abilities in the workplace.

On the other side of the spectrum, supporters of hiring experienced staff highlight that seasoned employees bring a wealth of experience, skill, and knowledge to the company. This will reduce training cost and they can offer mentorship to junior employees who need guidance of strategic thinking, leadership, and the techniques to navigate corporate politics. In addition, employees with years of experience have a strong work ethic, high professionalism, and a deep understanding of their industries. Therefore, they can offer insightful approaches and strategies to the company. Moreover, experienced staff have built important networks and contacts, which is beneficial to the business expansion of the company.

From my point of view, it is important for human resources professionals to adopt a balanced hiring approach, so the company can enjoy the innovation brought by young people and the valuable experience offered by senior staff. Hiring decisions should not be merely based on age, but on company culture and the candidate’s abilities and qualifications. Only in this way can the company attract talent who is both a good cultural fit and a qualified employee.

In conclusion, both young people and senior experienced employees serve as invaluable assets contributing to a company’s growth. Thus, it is recommended for companies to adopt a holistic hiring approach and consider factors, such as company culture and candidate’s qualification instead of age. It is of significance to reduce age discrimination in the workplace starting from the hiring process.

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