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Describe an Antique or Some other Old Object that Your Family has Kept for a Long Time - IELTS Speaking Cue Card Model Answer

Describe an antique or some other old object that your family has kept for a long time.

You should say:

  • what it is

  • how your family first got this thing

  • how long your family has kept it

  • and explain why this thing is important to your family

Describe an Antique or Some other Old Object that Your Family has Kept for a Long Time - IELTS Speaking Cue Card Model Answer

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Model Answer 1

In the heart of my family's living room stands a majestic grandfather clock, a timeless relic that has been with us for generations. This antique clock, with its intricate wood carvings and melodious chimes, is more than just a timekeeper; it's a cherished piece of our family history.

The story of how this clock came into our family's possession is as fascinating as the object itself. It was originally acquired by my great-grandfather, a man known for his love of unique artifacts. He discovered it in a quaint antique shop in the English countryside during one of his travels. Mesmerized by its elegance and the craftsmanship, he knew it had to be a part of our family heritage.

This grandfather clock has graced our home for over eighty years now. Its presence is a constant reminder of our family's journey through time. Every hour, as its chimes resonate through the house, we're reminded of the countless moments it has silently witnessed - celebrations, heartaches, and everyday life.

But this clock is more than just an antique; it's a symbol of our family's resilience and continuity. Each tick represents the heartbeat of our lineage, and its enduring nature inspires us to cherish our past while forging ahead into the future. It's a tangible connection to our ancestors, a bridge across generations, telling a story of timelessness and enduring values.

In a world where everything is transient, this grandfather clock stands as a testament to the things that truly last: family, memories, and the stories that are passed down through generations. It's not just an old object; it's a guardian of our family's legacy, a reminder to uphold the values and traditions that have shaped us.

This antique grandfather clock, therefore, is more than just a cherished possession. It's a cornerstone of our family identity, a symbol of the timeless bond that connects us, and an emblem of the enduring legacy we strive to preserve and pass on.


Why this is a High Scoring Answer

The sample answer provided is an excellent example of a high-scoring response to the IELTS Speaking task, "Describe an antique or some other old object that your family has kept for a long time." This response is exemplary for several reasons:

1.    Detailed and Vivid Descriptions: The answer begins by painting a vivid picture of the grandfather clock, using descriptive language to bring it to life. Words like "majestic," "timeless relic," "intricate wood carvings," and "melodious chimes" not only describe the clock but also evoke emotions and a sense of history. This level of detail demonstrates a strong command of the English language, which is crucial for a high IELTS score.

2.    Narrative Quality: The response tells a story, starting from how the family acquired the clock to its significance over the years. This narrative approach keeps you engaged, showing the candidate's ability to construct and deliver a coherent and compelling story, an essential skill in effective communication.

3.    Connection to the Family's History: The answer links the object to the family’s history, highlighting its role in various family events and emotions. This personal connection demonstrates the candidate's ability to reflect and provide deeper insights, a trait that is highly valued in the IELTS Speaking section.

4.    Use of Symbolism: The clock is not just an object but a symbol of "resilience," "continuity," and "family legacy." Using an object to convey broader themes shows advanced language skills and the ability to think abstractly and critically.

5.    Fluency and Coherence: The response flows smoothly from one point to the next, maintaining coherence throughout. This fluidity is essential in the IELTS Speaking test, indicating the candidate's proficiency in organizing thoughts and expressing them clearly.

6.    Rich Vocabulary and Grammar: The answer showcases a wide range of vocabulary and complex grammatical structures without compromising clarity, a key factor in achieving a high score in the IELTS.

Incorporating all these elements, the response not only fulfills the task of describing an antique but does so in a way that is engaging, thoughtful, and linguistically rich.

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Model Answer 2

Nestled within the walls of our family home is an exquisite, handcrafted wooden chest, steeped in history and sentiment. This heirloom, more than a century old, is a testament to our family's rich heritage and enduring values.

The journey of this wooden chest into our family's heart began with my great-grandmother, a skilled artisan. She painstakingly crafted it herself, imbuing every inch with intricate designs and a piece of her soul. Originally intended as a dowry chest, it transformed over the years into a repository of our family's most treasured memories.

This chest has been a silent witness to over a hundred years of our family's history, safeguarding everything from old black-and-white photographs to hand-written letters and cherished trinkets. Each item inside is a fragment of our family's journey, a snapshot of moments frozen in time.

But this chest is more than a mere container of keepsakes; it symbolizes the enduring strength and resilience of our lineage. It represents the legacy of craftsmanship and creativity passed down through generations, a physical manifestation of our ancestral pride. Its presence in our home serves as a daily reminder to uphold the values of hard work, dedication, and the importance of preserving our history.

Moreover, this chest connects us to our roots, offering a tangible link to the past. In its grains and textures lie stories of love, perseverance, and the passage of time. It's a beacon of tradition in an ever-changing world, a comforting constant that grounds us in our identity.

In essence, this handcrafted wooden chest is more than an antique; it's a cherished guardian of our family's past, a vessel of our collective memories. It's a symbol of the unbreakable bond that ties us to our ancestors, a reminder of the importance of heritage and the timeless nature of familial love. This chest, in its silent eloquence, narrates the saga of a family's journey through the ages, an enduring legacy that continues to inspire and guide us.

Why this is a High Scoring Answer

This response to "Describe an antique or some other old object that your family has kept for a long time" is an exemplary high-scoring answer for several reasons:

1.    Rich Descriptive Language: The narrative begins by immediately drawing you into the scene with vivid descriptions like "exquisite, handcrafted wooden chest" and "steeped in history and sentiment." This not only showcases the candidate's command of English but also their ability to create a vivid mental picture, engaging the listener right from the start.

2.    Personal and Emotional Connection: The story of the chest, linked to the great-grandmother's craftsmanship, adds a personal touch. Phrases like "imbuing every inch with intricate designs and a piece of her soul" demonstrate the ability to convey emotions and personal connections, a key aspect in IELTS speaking.

3.    Storytelling and Chronological Structure: The answer effectively narrates the journey of the chest through the family's history, creating a timeline that makes the story easy to follow. This structured approach to storytelling demonstrates the candidate's ability to organize thoughts coherently, a vital skill in effective communication.

4.    Symbolism and Deeper Meaning: The chest is portrayed not just as an object but as a symbol of "enduring strength, resilience, and ancestral pride." This ability to discuss deeper meanings shows advanced language skills and critical thinking, which are highly regarded in the IELTS assessment.

5.    Use of Complex Sentences and Advanced Vocabulary: The response is filled with complex sentence structures and a rich vocabulary, such as "a beacon of tradition," "a comforting constant," and "the timeless nature of familial love." This variety in language use is a clear indicator of high proficiency in English.

6.    Fluency and Coherence: The seamless flow from one idea to another, without hesitation or repetition, exemplifies fluency and coherence, crucial for a high score in the IELTS speaking section.

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Model Answer 3

In the cozy corner of our family library rests an ancient atlas, its pages yellowed with time but still exuding a sense of grandeur and adventure. This atlas, a treasured family heirloom, has been in our possession for several generations, serving as a symbol of our shared love for exploration and knowledge.

Our story with this atlas began with my great-great-grandfather, an avid explorer and collector of rare books. He acquired this atlas on one of his many voyages, drawn to its detailed maps and intricate illustrations of distant lands. Since then, this atlas has been a centerpiece in our home, igniting imaginations and inspiring countless discussions about the world and its wonders.

For over a century, this atlas has been a constant presence in our lives, its pages turned by hands young and old, each seeking adventure in its depths. It's more than just an old book; it's a repository of dreams and a catalyst for curiosity. The atlas has nurtured a family tradition of learning, where each generation imparts knowledge to the next, fostering a love for the world's diverse cultures and geographies.

What makes this atlas truly special, though, is its role in bonding our family. It's the source of many shared moments, from planning hypothetical journeys to discussing historical events. It's a testament to our family's intellectual heritage, a reminder of the joy of discovery, and the importance of understanding our world.

This ancient atlas, therefore, is not just an object from the past; it's a living, breathing part of our family's story. It's a symbol of our collective quest for knowledge and a bridge connecting generations through shared learning and exploration. In its worn pages lies not just maps and charts, but memories, dreams, and a legacy of unquenchable curiosity that continues to shape our family's identity.


Why this is a High Scoring Answer

The response to "Describe an antique or some other old object that your family has kept for a long time" is an ideal high-scoring IELTS Speaking answer for several compelling reasons:

1.    Engaging and Detailed Descriptions: The narrative vividly paints the antique atlas, using phrases like "yellowed pages," "sense of grandeur and adventure," and "intricate illustrations of distant lands." This not only demonstrates a wide-ranging vocabulary but also the ability to create a rich, immersive description that draws the listener into the scene.

2.    Personal Connection and Storytelling: The story of the atlas being passed down from the great-great-grandfather adds a personal and emotional dimension. The candidate's ability to intertwine personal family history with the description of the atlas showcases a depth of reflection and storytelling, crucial for a high band score.

3.    Symbolic Interpretation: The atlas is described not just as an object, but as a symbol of "shared love for exploration and knowledge" and "a bridge connecting generations." This demonstrates the candidate's ability to think critically and interpretively, using the object to discuss broader themes.

4.    Cohesive Structure: The answer maintains a logical flow, moving seamlessly from the atlas’s history in the family to its current significance. This coherence in narrative structure is a key criterion in the IELTS Speaking assessment.

5.    Rich and Varied Language Use: The response showcases an extensive vocabulary and a variety of sentence structures, essential for demonstrating language proficiency in IELTS.

6.    Engagement and Fluency: The speaker maintains a natural and fluent pace, weaving the story in a way that is both engaging and easy to follow, a hallmark of high proficiency in spoken English.

This sample answer embodies the qualities needed for a high score in IELTS Speaking: vivid descriptions, personal storytelling, symbolic depth, cohesive structure, rich language, and fluent delivery.

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