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Foreign Workers To Fill Positions That Domestic Workers Are Unwilling To Do - IELTS Band 9 Essay

Bringing in foreign workers to fill positions that domestic workers are unwilling to do can cause problems in the local community and should therefore be stopped - IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay

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Model Essay 1

The proposition that foreign workers should be stopped from filling roles domestic workers avoid is a contentious one. I strongly disagree with this view, arguing instead that their involvement is crucial for maintaining essential services within local economies. This essay will elaborate on how foreign workers not only sustain necessary economic functions but also contribute significantly to the cultural and social fabric of communities.

Contrary to concerns about job displacement and cultural clashes, foreign workers are often pivotal in sectors that struggle to attract domestic employees. For instance, in agriculture and healthcare, a shortage of local labour can lead to critical service disruptions that jeopardize community well-being and health services continuity. Foreign workers not only fill these gaps but also maintain the economic flow, thus preventing potential crises. In regions like the central United States, the agricultural output relies heavily on migrant workers, whose labour ensures the industry's survival and, by extension, the nation's food security. Without their contribution, the resulting labour shortage would not only hinder production but also lead to severe economic decline and increased prices for consumers, affecting the broader economy.

Moreover, foreign workers bring diversity and innovation, which are vital for community development and competitive advantage. They introduce new skills and different approaches to problem-solving, enriching the local workforce with their varied cultural perspectives and technical expertise. This diversification fosters an adaptable and innovative working environment. In tech hubs such as Silicon Valley, foreign professionals are instrumental in driving technological advancements and economic growth. Their integration fosters a multicultural environment that benefits business by opening new markets and enhancing creative solutions, thereby boosting business adaptability and market reach. The diversity of the workforce directly correlates with increased productivity and innovation, debunking the myth that foreign workers harm the local community by taking jobs away from domestic workers, and instead, showing they are indispensable for sustained economic dynamism.

In conclusion, the integration of foreign workers is essential not just for filling employment gaps but for enhancing local economies and cultural diversity. Stopping their influx would be detrimental to both economic stability and community development. Thus, I firmly believe that their continued involvement is not only beneficial but necessary.

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Model Essay 2

The import of foreign labour to fulfill roles unappealing to domestic workers has been seen as a solution to workforce shortages. However, I firmly believe that this approach should be discontinued due to its adverse impacts on local communities. This essay will argue that bringing in foreign workers undermines the local workforce, contributes to social disharmony, and perpetuates a dependency that hinders long-term economic sustainability and social cohesion.

One significant concern with employing foreign workers is the potential undermining of local employment opportunities. The availability of cheaper labor from abroad can disincentivize businesses from offering competitive wages and conditions that would attract domestic workers. For example, in the construction industry, the preference for lower-cost foreign laborers has been shown to depress wages and deter locals from pursuing careers in this sector. This not only stifles wage growth but also discourages the development of a skilled domestic workforce. As a result, communities may face a chronic shortage of locally skilled workers, forcing an unhealthy reliance on foreign labor that could falter with stricter immigration policies. Over time, this reliance could weaken the local economy's ability to be self-sustaining, leading to greater economic vulnerability during political or economic changes affecting immigration.

Additionally, the influx of foreign workers can lead to social tensions, as differences in culture and language create barriers among community members. Such divisions are evident in communities where rapid increases in foreign worker populations have not been accompanied by effective integration strategies. This lack of cohesion can manifest in increased xenophobia and social unrest, which undermines the social fabric of the community. For instance, in several European cities, sudden demographic shifts have sparked conflicts and protests, illustrating the social costs of an unbalanced approach to labor shortages. These social rifts not only disturb peace but also discourage the potential for a cohesive society that values diversity. This disruption to community harmony is a high price to pay for the perceived economic benefits of employing foreign labor, often leading to long-term detrimental effects on community relations and social stability.

In conclusion, discontinuing the practice of importing foreign labour to fill unwanted domestic roles is crucial for preserving local employment, wage integrity, and social harmony. The negative repercussions on the community's economic and social landscape far outweigh any short-term benefits.

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