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Receiving the Shipment You Found that Some Things were Damaged in Transit - GT Letter Band 9 Sample

You recently had some items shipped to you from overseas. Upon receiving the shipment you found that some things were damaged in transit.

Write a letter to the manager of the shipping company. In your letter,

  • provide the details of your shipment

  • describe the damage

  • say what actions you want the company to take

GT Letter Band 9 (Items Shipped to You from Overseas)

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Model Answer 1

Dear Manager,

I am writing to express my concern regarding a recent shipment I received under order number #12345, which, to my dismay, contained several items damaged during transit. This shipment, dispatched from your London facility on January 20th and received on January 25th, was anticipated with much eagerness, as it contained essential components for my ongoing project.

Upon unpacking, I discovered that three of the ceramic vases, integral to my interior design venture, were cracked, seemingly due to insufficient protective packaging. Furthermore, a set of glass photo frames, intended as a gift, arrived with shattered glass, rendering them unusable. The damage to these items not only incurs a financial loss but also a significant delay in my project timeline.

In light of these issues, I request a prompt investigation into the handling of my shipment. Additionally, I seek a full reimbursement for the damaged items, totaling $200, as per the attached invoice. I would also appreciate if you could expedite a replacement shipment with enhanced protective measures to prevent any recurrence of such damage.

I trust your company values customer satisfaction and will address this matter with the urgency and attention it warrants. I look forward to your prompt response and resolution of this unfortunate situation.

Yours sincerely,

Emily Turner

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Model Answer 2

Dear Manager,

I am reaching out to bring to your attention an issue of utmost urgency and concern pertaining to my recent international shipment, reference number #56789, which, upon its arrival, revealed distressing signs of damage, undermining the integrity of the contents enclosed. Entrusted to your company for its reputed reliability, this shipment, originating from your Paris branch on February 15th and received by me on February 20th, was anticipated to be a seamless delivery.

Regrettably, the reality painted a different picture. The delicate porcelain figurines, vital to my antique collection, were found with noticeable chips and cracks, an indication of handling with less care than warranted. Additionally, a set of hand-painted canvases, earmarked for an upcoming art exhibition, bore evident tears and scuffs, significantly diminishing their value and display-worthiness.

Given these circumstances, I earnestly request a thorough inquiry into the handling and transportation processes of my shipment. A reimbursement for the damaged goods, amounting to $300 as outlined in the enclosed receipt, is sought to mitigate the financial setback caused. Furthermore, I propose that future shipments include advanced protective packaging, to ensure the safety and preservation of the items.

Your prompt and effective resolution to this issue will be greatly appreciated, as it not only affects my current predicament but also influences my future shipping choices. I await your swift and affirmative response.

Kind regards,

Olivia Bennett

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Model Answer 3

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing with regard to some damaged items caused by international shipment provided by your reputed company. I booked the sea shipping services from Australia to Taiwan before relocating to head office. The booking was made on 23rd Oct with 15 boxes and my reference number is SR153789.

To my surprise, one of shipping boxes with the tag label with “Cookware” has a broken item. The glass lid of the red cast iron is broken and the cast iron itself has a lot of cracks and scars by the glass pieces. The cast iron cannot function properly due to those damages.

As a result, I would like to ask for the replacement price as compensation from your company. Furthermore, as I purchased the extra insurance cover for the whole transit, please provide some supporting documents such as the ship name and voyage dates for me to claim the insurance as per the policy. It would be greatly appreciated if you could reply to the matter at your earliest possible.

Yours faithfully,

Maria Manda

Model Answer 4

Dear Sir or Madam,

I'm sending this letter to vent my frustration about the issue of furniture and other antique items that were broken during shipping, including other electrical appliances, crockery, and several other items.

Let me tell you that my entire family and I recently immigrated to Australia from Taiwan. I chose to use your company to move my furniture and other belongings overseas since I had heard from a friend that your cargo was indeed on its way. I thus mailed my furniture on October 10, 2022; however, it arrived 20 days beyond the start date.

Let's just say that as I unloaded my furniture, something struck my eye right away. I was shocked to see this and became quite concerned when I noticed how badly damaged my belongings were. All of the furniture was shattered. More than that, several of the dishes were broken, and my carpet was torn in half. In addition, my old family photographs from my youth were entirely destroyed, which was important to bring back some of my earlier recollections.

Please attempt to respond to this letter I've sent to the management as soon as you can. Keep my furniture if you can, for future repairs. I attempted to get in touch with the individual who had left the items at his house, but he flatly refused to pay me back for the furniture that had been harmed in transit.

I would appreciate it if you looked into this. If not, I will take strong action against your business, regardless of the unrest caused by your employees.

Yours faithfully,

Kylie Jenner

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