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Money Spent on Developing the Technology for Space Exploration - IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay

Updated: Mar 24

Write about the following topic:

Some people think the money spent on developing the technology for space exploration is not justified. There are more beneficial ways to spend this money.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experiences.

You should write at least 250 words.

Money Spent on Developing the Technology for Space Exploration - IELTS Task 2 Band 9 Sample Essay

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Sample Essay 1

The debate surrounding the allocation of funds for space exploration versus pressing terrestrial concerns sparks considerable discourse. I assert that while addressing immediate global issues is crucial, the investment in space technology heralds significant long-term benefits for humanity, including technological advancements and international collaboration.

Firstly, the technological innovations spurred by space exploration have far-reaching impacts on our daily lives. The pursuit of space science has been the bedrock of numerous technological breakthroughs, from satellite communication facilitating global connectivity to advancements in weather forecasting, which saves lives by predicting natural disasters. These technologies, initially conceived for space, have seamlessly integrated into our everyday existence, enhancing both efficiency and safety. Moreover, space exploration acts as a catalyst for STEM education, inspiring future generations to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This ripple effect ensures a sustained advancement in diverse technological fields, contributing to economic growth and improved quality of life on Earth.

Furthermore, space exploration represents the zenith of global collaboration, merging nations with shared aspirations beyond Earth's borders. Initiatives like the International Space Station (ISS) showcase the potential for worldwide solidarity in chasing collective ambitions. Such partnerships not only cultivate peace and understanding among diverse nations but also amalgamate resources, specialized knowledge, and innovation. This amalgamation significantly magnifies the efficacy of investments in space technology, fostering a synergy that sparks breakthroughs unattainable by any country in isolation. This collective endeavor underscores the profound importance of venturing into the uncharted territories of space, highlighting the invaluable returns of such pioneering investments.

In conclusion, while the immediate allocation of funds to terrestrial challenges is undeniably important, the investment in space exploration yields unparalleled long-term benefits. Through the lens of technological advancement and international collaboration, space exploration transcends mere scientific curiosity, positioning itself as a vital investment in our collective future.

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Sample Essay 2

The debate over the money spent on developing the technology for space exploration, often viewed as exorbitant, versus its deployment for arguably more pressing earthly endeavours, remains a contentious issue. I am of the opinion that, despite valid ground concerns, the investment in cosmic exploration yields indispensable advantages. This essay will elucidate the technological advances and long-term survival benefits space exploration affords, while also acknowledging the necessity of addressing immediate global challenges.

Space exploration, often critiqued for its heavy financial demands, indeed channels resources that could potentially serve immediate humanitarian needs. On Earth, billions contend with issues such as poverty, inadequate healthcare, and environmental threats, which undeniably require urgent attention and substantial funding. Redirecting funds from space programs could provide a short-term boost in these critical areas, offering immediate relief and tangible improvements in quality of life.

However, the perspective that deems space technology funding as myopic fails to consider the holistic benefits derived from space research. Numerous everyday conveniences, such as GPS systems that underpin global navigation, and advanced medical imaging techniques, are direct offshoots of space-related technology, underpinning myriad ancillary industries and creating a multitude of employment opportunities. Simultaneously, the long-term prospects of humanity may hinge on advancements in space science; as the esteemed physicist Stephen Hawking suggested, looking to the cosmos for alternative habitats could be critical in circumventing existential threats. Therefore, space exploration is not merely a luxury but a strategic investment in our species' long-term survival, catalyzing both technological innovation and economic development.

In conclusion, the investment in space exploration and its technological development is not only justified but essential, providing unparalleled advances and securing our species' future. The allocation of funds toward this end represents a strategic vision, harmonizing our current needs with the imperative of establishing a sustainable presence in the cosmos.

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Sample Essay 3

The allocation of funds towards the niche of space exploration, specifically the money spent on developing technology for this ambitious venture, often sparks a heated debate. On one hand, the pressing needs of our planet beckon for immediate financial attention, while on the other, the cosmic realm offers untapped potential. This essay argues in favor of the latter, emphasizing the broader spectrum of benefits derived from such investments.

The argument against the money spent on developing technology for space exploration primarily revolves around the pressing terrestrial issues that could benefit from these substantial financial resources. It's undeniable that challenges like global poverty, healthcare deficiencies, and environmental crises demand urgent attention and funding. A redirection of funds from space programs to these immediate concerns could potentially catalyze improvements in these critical areas, yielding visible, short-term societal benefits.

However, this perspective somewhat shortsightedly overlooks the long-term advantages of space technology. The money spent on developing technology for space exploration has historically spurred groundbreaking innovations with widespread applications. For example, satellite technology, an offshoot of space research, has revolutionized global communication, weather forecasting, and even medical advancements such as MRI and CAT scans. These are concrete examples of how space technology transcends its original purpose, benefiting various aspects of everyday life on Earth.

Furthermore, investing in space technology extends beyond mere terrestrial benefits. It encompasses the broader vision of human survival and expansion. As Stephen Hawking poignantly highlighted, the future of humanity may eventually depend on our ability to colonize other planets. This daunting yet vital task underscores space exploration as not just a pursuit of knowledge but a necessary step for ensuring the longevity of our species.

In conclusion, while reallocating the money spent on developing technology for space exploration to address immediate global issues seems practical, the far-reaching implications of such investments are monumental. These advancements not only enrich and safeguard our present but also lay the foundation for a more secure and advanced future for humanity in the cosmic arena. Therefore, the expenditure on space technology development is not just a justified choice; it is an imperative one for both our current and future generations.

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