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Recently Attended a Two-day Course, the Organizer is Asking for Review and Comments-GT Letter Band 9

Updated: Jan 29

You have recently attended a two-day course, and now a course organizer is asking for your review and comments.

Write a letter to the course organizer. In your letter, you should,

  • describe the course

  • explain whether or not you liked the course, and why

  • provide some suggestions for improvement

GT Letter Band 9 (You have Attended a Two-day Course)

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Model Answer 1

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to share my thoughts and feedback on the "Effective Communication and Presentation Skills" course that I recently had the pleasure of attending.

The course, spanning two days, was an intensive exploration of communication dynamics, public speaking techniques, and effective presentation strategies. It was structured around interactive sessions, role-playing activities, and practical exercises, which I found to be both engaging and informative. The facilitator, Ms. Jane Wilson, was exceptionally knowledgeable and brought real-world examples that added depth to our learning experience.

Regarding my personal experience, I genuinely appreciated the course. The balance between theoretical insights and practical application was particularly beneficial. I was especially impressed with the session on non-verbal communication, which provided unique perspectives on audience engagement. However, what made the course stand out was the opportunity for hands-on practice, which allowed me to apply the concepts in a supportive environment.

That said, I believe there is room for improvement. Firstly, I suggest incorporating more case studies specific to different professional fields, as this would provide a more tailored learning experience. Additionally, extending the course duration could allow for deeper exploration of advanced topics, particularly in handling challenging communication scenarios.

In brief, the course was a valuable learning opportunity, and I am confident that these suggestions could make future sessions even more enriching. Thank you for providing such a well-organized and insightful course.

Warm regards,

Emily Roberts

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Model Answer 2

Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and high spirits. I am writing to share my impressions and offer some constructive feedback on the two-day intensive business course I recently attended.

The course was a rich survey of diverse business disciplines, designed to equip learners with a robust toolkit of technical skills in a compressed timeframe. The focus on key aspects of international business - from sales and marketing to global supply chain management and accounting - was particularly commendable.

I was completely captivated by the module on logistics, as it provided valuable insights into how effective supply chain management can drive company growth and profitability. The case studies were a highlight, grounding theoretical concepts in real-world applications.

However, to further enhance the practical relevance of the course, I suggest incorporating more experiential learning opportunities. A field trip to local businesses that excel in supply chain management, for instance, would offer a hands-on perspective and foster valuable peer collaboration. Additionally, creating a course blog could prove beneficial. This platform could serve as a digital space for learners to share insights, engage in discussions, and interact with the wider business community, thereby enriching our learning experience and enhancing our professional profiles.

I am confident that such improvements would serve to augment an already robust course, providing an engaging blend of education and entertainment that will enable learners to optimally benefit from their learning journey.

Yours faithfully,

Shayla Sharmin

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Model Answer 3

Dear Mike,

Thank you for inviting me to give personal comments on the course I have attended this October. The course elaborated the fundamental background of the global political turmoil and included how to invest against increasing inflation and tightening monetary policy.

To be honest, I enjoyed the finger foods as well as drinks during the networking hours. The cappuccino made from the barista highlighted the taste experience during the lunch breaks. However, the class invited many well-known professors to analyse the investment strategies focusing on the complicated theory and math models instead of market environment.

In light of the above experience, I would like to give you suggestions for the course contents. I highly recommend that you should invite some fund managers from big investment banks as key speakers who can deliver more practical speech. In addition, the economic models are too hard to understand during the two-day learning. It is better to leave it out from the presentation.

I wish the review could help you to prepare your next courses. Please feel free to contact me if you need more comments on this issue. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Olivia Rodrigo

Model Answer 4

Dear Bruce,

I am responding to your request in this letter to examine and remark on the two-day course you held last week.

First of all, I must thank you sincerely for organizing such a beautiful discussion on the evolving concept of investing. I must admit that the fifteen-hour seminar that was held on Friday and Saturday of last week was highly effective.

One of the foremost experts on contemporary investing methods, Professor Mike, conducted the session and provided us with a wealth of knowledge and information. His engaging sessions offered us the chance to dispel a lot of assumptions and rumours. Never once have we been bored throughout his sessions.

However, the majority of participants weren't too pleased that the course's second section wasn't set yet. If the planning of the following section takes too long, potential participants may find it difficult to apply the knowledge they previously acquired and may eventually lose interest in returning for the second phase of the course.

Once again, please accept my heartfelt thanks for arranging such a wonderful timely short course.

Yours sincerely,

George Brown

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