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A Problem with the Transportation System in Your Area - GT Letter Sample

Write a letter to a transport office about a problem with the transportation system in your area. 

In your letter,

  • describe the situation you are facing 

  • why do you consider it a problem

  • what change you would like to recommend

A Problem with the Transportation System in Your Area - GT Letter Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Transport Office,

I am writing to express my concerns regarding the frequent delays and overcrowding on the number 5 bus route in Greenfield, which has become a significant inconvenience for residents, including myself.

In Greenfield, the number 5 bus is the primary mode of transport for many, connecting the residential area to the city center. However, in recent months, it has been consistently running behind schedule, often by more than 30 minutes. This delay disrupts daily commutes, causing residents to be late for work and other important engagements. Furthermore, when the bus does arrive, it is usually overcrowded, making the journey uncomfortable and, at times, unsafe due to the lack of space.

This situation is problematic because it not only affects the punctuality and plans of the passengers but also undermines our confidence in the public transport system. Many residents, including myself, rely on the bus for timely and reliable transportation. The current state of affairs is causing considerable stress and inconvenience, making it difficult to maintain a regular schedule.

To address these issues, I strongly recommend increasing the frequency of the number 5 bus during peak hours. Introducing additional buses would alleviate overcrowding and reduce waiting times, ensuring a more reliable and comfortable journey for passengers. Additionally, regular maintenance and prompt repair of buses could help prevent delays caused by technical issues.

I trust that the transport office will consider my suggestions and take prompt action to improve the situation. We, the residents of Greenfield, rely on your service and hope to see positive changes soon.

Yours sincerely,

Jonathan Smith

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Model Answer 2

Dear Transport Authority,

I am reaching out to highlight a pressing issue with the Number 12 bus service in Westville, which is causing daily challenges for myself and fellow commuters due to its unreliable schedule and frequent overcrowding.

In Westville, our community heavily relies on the Number 12 bus to connect us with key locations such as schools, workplaces, and shopping centers. Unfortunately, the service has been plagued with inconsistencies, particularly in the mornings and evenings. Buses often arrive significantly late, disrupting the daily routines of passengers. This tardiness has a domino effect, leading to missed appointments, late arrivals at work, and disruptions in personal schedules.

The problem is further exacerbated by the overcrowding on these buses. Due to the infrequency of service, when a bus does eventually arrive, it is usually packed to capacity. This not only creates an uncomfortable and potentially unsafe environment for passengers but also discourages the use of public transport, which should be a reliable and convenient option for everyone.

To mitigate these issues, I propose an increase in the frequency of the Number 12 bus during peak hours, and the introduction of larger capacity buses to accommodate the high number of passengers. These changes would greatly improve punctuality, reduce overcrowding, and enhance the overall experience for the Westville community.

I hope these suggestions will be taken into consideration and acted upon swiftly, to restore our confidence in the public transportation system and make our daily commutes more efficient and pleasant.

Yours faithfully,

Emily Johnson

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Model Answer 3

Dear Transport Department,

I am compelled to bring to your attention the inadequate bus service in Maplewood, particularly route 7, which is falling short of meeting the community's transportation needs.

Maplewood's route 7 bus service has become increasingly unreliable, causing significant inconvenience for daily commuters like myself. The buses are frequently behind schedule, sometimes by over 40 minutes. Such delays disrupt not only my daily work commute but also affect countless other passengers who depend on this service for their routine activities. This lack of punctuality has become a source of frustration and uncertainty, impacting our ability to plan our day effectively.

Moreover, the issue of overcrowding on these buses cannot be overlooked. The irregular bus timings lead to a buildup of passengers, resulting in overcrowded conditions during peak hours. This not only compromises the comfort of the journey but also raises concerns regarding passenger safety and the overall quality of the service provided.

I suggest implementing a more rigorous schedule with additional buses during rush hours to alleviate these issues. Ensuring timely service and reducing overcrowding would significantly enhance the commuting experience for Maplewood residents. A review and update of the current timetable, coupled with an increase in fleet size, could be pivotal in resolving these ongoing challenges.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to seeing improvements in our local bus service, which is vital for the daily life of our community.

Kind regards,

Oliver Bennett

Model Answer 4

Dear Transport Services Director,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the current state of the tram services in our town, particularly the Blue Line, which has significantly deteriorated in reliability and comfort.

In our town, the Blue Line tram has been a lifeline for residents, including myself, facilitating daily commutes to work, school, and other essential destinations. However, the recent frequency of delays and cancellations has been alarming. These disruptions have become a regular occurrence, causing considerable inconvenience and uncertainty, impacting both my professional and personal life as I often arrive late to important commitments.

Compounding this issue is the persistent problem of overcrowding. Due to the irregular service, when a tram does arrive, it is typically beyond capacity. This overcrowding not only makes the journey uncomfortable but also raises serious concerns about passenger safety and service quality. The current state of the tram service is not just an inconvenience; it is becoming a deterrent to using public transportation.

I urge the introduction of a more robust schedule with additional trams during peak hours to address these challenges. Improving the punctuality and capacity of the Blue Line would greatly enhance the daily commute for many in our community. Timely and comfortable public transport is essential for the well-being of our town's residents and the efficiency of our daily routines.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and eagerly await a positive change in our tram services.

Best regards,

Sophia Turner

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