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Discovery of a Lot of Rubbish in a Lake Near Where You Live - GT Letter Sample

You have discovered a lot of rubbish in a lake near where you live. In the past, the lake had always been clean. Write a letter to the local council.

In the letter:

  • describe the type of rubbish that you saw in the lake

  • explain where you think the waste has come from

  • suggest what the council should do about the problem

Discovery of a Lot of Rubbish in a Lake Near Where You Live - GT Letter Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Council Members,

I am writing to express my deep concern over the alarming accumulation of refuse I recently witnessed in Lake Serenity, a cherished natural landmark that has always epitomized the beauty and tranquility of our community.

During my last visit, I was dismayed to discover an array of discarded items cluttering the once-pristine waters. The rubbish ranged from plastic bottles and aluminum cans to larger debris like broken furniture and electronic waste. This unsightly detritus not only mars the lake's natural beauty but also poses a significant threat to the local wildlife.

It appears that this waste may be originating from nearby residential areas, perhaps due to inadequate waste disposal facilities or lack of public awareness about responsible trash management. The proximity of the lake to these neighborhoods seems to have made it an unintended dumping ground for those either unaware of the ecological impact or lacking better alternatives for disposal.

To address this issue effectively, I urge the council to implement a multi-faceted approach. Firstly, increasing the frequency and accessibility of waste collection in the surrounding areas could significantly reduce the likelihood of refuse ending up in the lake. Additionally, launching an awareness campaign about the importance of proper waste disposal and the consequences of environmental negligence could cultivate a more responsible attitude among residents. Lastly, organizing community clean-up events could not only restore the lake's beauty but also foster a sense of communal responsibility towards our environment.

I trust that the council will take prompt and effective action to resolve this pressing issue, ensuring that Lake Serenity can once again be a source of pride and enjoyment for our community.

Yours sincerely,

Jordan Matthews

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Model Answer 2

Dear Members of the Council,

I am reaching out to bring to your immediate attention a concerning environmental issue: the recent and distressing discovery of substantial waste accumulation in the once pristine Willowbrook Lake, a jewel in our community's crown.

Upon my recent visit to the lake, I was disheartened to observe an array of waste materials tarnishing its natural allure. The lake's surface was littered with various kinds of refuse, including plastic wrappers, glass bottles, and even fragments of household items like torn clothing and kitchen utensils. This unsightly pollution not only detracts from the scenic beauty of the lake but also poses a severe risk to the aquatic ecosystem.

The origin of this litter seems to be linked to the residential areas upstream. Perhaps the lack of effective waste management systems or community awareness about environmental stewardship has led to this unfortunate situation. The lake's vicinity to these neighborhoods might inadvertently encourage such irresponsible disposal practices.

In response to this dire situation, I propose a comprehensive action plan for the council's consideration. Initiating a robust waste management protocol in the adjoining localities could significantly mitigate further pollution. Furthermore, embarking on a community-wide educational campaign about environmental conservation would be instrumental in fostering a culture of ecological responsibility. Organizing volunteer-driven lake clean-up drives could also play a pivotal role in restoring the lake's original beauty and rallying community spirit.

I am confident that your esteemed council will address this urgent matter with the seriousness it deserves, ensuring that Willowbrook Lake regains its status as a cherished natural asset for our community.

Kind regards,

Morgan Reynolds

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Model Answer 3

Dear Esteemed Council Members,

I am compelled to write to you concerning a distressing environmental issue that has recently come to my attention: the transformation of our once-pristine Emerald Lake into a depository for various forms of rubbish.

During a leisurely walk around Emerald Lake, a place I have known for its crystal-clear waters, I was shocked to encounter a variety of waste materials. From plastic bags and beverage cans to more alarming items like discarded electronics and automotive parts, the lake now resembles a makeshift landfill. This accumulation not only spoils the natural beauty we have long cherished but also threatens the local wildlife and ecosystem.

It appears that this pollution is primarily the result of illegal dumping, possibly by individuals or businesses seeking to avoid proper disposal fees. The lake’s secluded location, unfortunately, makes it a convenient target for such activities. Moreover, insufficient surveillance and lack of public awareness about the consequences of illegal dumping may have exacerbated the situation.

To effectively tackle this issue, I propose a three-pronged approach for the council’s action. Firstly, enhancing surveillance and enforcement around the lake to deter illegal dumping. Secondly, organizing regular community clean-up events to restore the lake's natural state, thereby also fostering a sense of community ownership and responsibility. Lastly, initiating an educational campaign to raise awareness about the importance of environmental preservation and the proper channels for waste disposal.

I trust that the council will act swiftly and decisively to restore Emerald Lake to its former glory, thus preserving this vital natural resource for future generations.

Yours faithfully,

Harper Sinclair

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