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During a plane journey, you sat next to a businessman owns a chain of restaurants - GT Letter Band 9

During a recent plane journey, you sat next to a businessman who owns a chain of restaurants. You talked to him and he suggested that you should contact him about a possible job in one of his restaurants.

Write a letter to this businessman. In your letter,

  • remind him when and where you met

  • tell him what kind of job you are interested in

  • say why you think you would be suitable for the job

IELTS Letter Writing Band 9 / GT Writing Task 1 Band 9 Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Mr. Harrison,

I hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits. I am writing to you following our serendipitous meeting aboard the New York to London flight last Thursday, where we had an engaging conversation about the gastronomic world and your impressive chain of restaurants.

We met in the business class section of Flight BA2049, where you generously shared your insights about the restaurant industry. I am particularly interested in a managerial role within your organization, ideally overseeing operations or customer service in one of your esteemed establishments. My aspiration stems from a blend of passion for the culinary arts and a strong background in hospitality management.

My suitability for such a position lies in my extensive experience in the hospitality sector, coupled with a dedicated approach to customer satisfaction and team leadership. I have successfully managed a high-end bistro in Paris for three years, significantly improving customer ratings and operational efficiency. This role honed my skills in creating a welcoming atmosphere, efficiently resolving customer concerns, and leading a team to excel in service delivery.

I am convinced that my expertise and your visionary approach could create a formidable synergy, enhancing the dining experience at your restaurants. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss how my skills and experiences align with your needs and to contribute to your renowned chain's ongoing success.

Warm regards,

James Carlton

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Model Answer 2

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I trust this letter reaches you in the best of health and spirits. I am reaching out to rekindle our insightful conversation aboard the recent Qatar Airways flight from Doha to London, during which you extended a gracious invitation to explore job opportunities within your esteemed restaurant chain.

It was last Friday, on flight QR007, where we had the pleasure of sharing adjacent seats. The discussion about your culinary ventures was truly enlightening. I am particularly interested in a role pertaining to marketing and public relations within your organization, as I believe my skills and passion align perfectly with the dynamic nature of your business.

My enthusiasm for this opportunity is rooted in my extensive background in marketing, especially in the hospitality sector. I've spearheaded several successful promotional campaigns for renowned dining establishments in Milan, significantly boosting their brand presence and customer engagement. My expertise in digital marketing strategies and public relations, coupled with a keen understanding of gastronomy, positions me uniquely to contribute to your business's growth and visibility in the market.

I am eager to bring my blend of creative marketing skills and love for gastronomy to your chain of restaurants. This role presents an exciting opportunity to fuse my professional experience with my personal passion, enhancing the reach and reputation of your already distinguished brand.

Warmest regards,

Sophia Bennett

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Model Answer 2

Dear Paul,

I hope you are well and preparation of your visit in Taipei Food Expo are going smoothly. I am writing this letter to express my deep interest to join your supply chain team.

I hope you can remember the other day when we met in an 8 hour flight from Australia to Taipei on 25 February 2020. During the journey, you mentioned that you expected to open a fusion restaurant in southern part of Taiwan. Also, you told me to let you know if I am interested to join this.

Well, I am passionate about your initiative, and I would like to apply for the project manager position of this chain store. In fact, I have over 10 years of experience in marketing and banking industry which have given me a good command on communication, teamwork and budget management issues. Furthermore, I am born and bred in the southern part of Taiwan which provides me an incredible advantage in terms of thorough and deep insights of this market.

Please let me know if these credentials are suitable for the job. In addition, I would be happy to know if anything else you need for further clarification. My CV is attached herewith. I am highly motivated to be a proud member of your team in near future.

I will be looking forward to your response at your earliest possible time.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Tate

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