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Inviting Your English-Speaking Friend to See a Movie - GT Letter Sample

You have an English-speaking friend. You want to invite him/her to see a movie. Write a letter to your friend.

In your letter, you should:

  • describe the movie you want to see together

  • explain why you think he/she will be interested in it

  • suggest where and when you should meet before the movie

Inviting Your English-speaking Friend to See a Movie - GT Letter Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Samantha,

I hope this letter finds you in great spirits. I'm writing to share an exciting movie plan that I believe will be an absolute delight for both of us.

The movie in question is "The Enchanted Canvas," an intriguing blend of art, mystery, and fantasy. It tells the story of a young painter who discovers a magical canvas that brings her paintings to life. The vivid imagery, coupled with a gripping storyline, is bound to captivate your love for art and adventure. Moreover, the movie has been praised for its breathtaking visuals and enchanting soundtrack, elements I know you appreciate in cinema.

I think you'll be particularly interested in this film because it beautifully intertwines the world of art with a touch of fantasy, much like those art documentaries we enjoyed together last summer. The protagonist's journey through her imaginative world resonates with your creative spirit and love for the arts. Plus, it's been getting rave reviews for its innovative storytelling and visual effects, making it a must-watch for movie enthusiasts like us.

How about we catch the evening show at Grand Central Cinema this Saturday? We could meet at The Coffee House nearby at around 6 PM, grab a quick bite, and then head to the movie. It'll be a great way to unwind and catch up over some quality entertainment.

Looking forward to an enchanting evening together.

Warm regards,


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Model Answer 2

Dear Emily,

I trust this letter finds you in the best of health and high spirits. I'm reaching out with an exciting proposal for a cinematic experience that promises to be both entertaining and thought-provoking.

The film I have in mind is "The Echoes of Time," a recent release that's creating a buzz for its innovative narrative and stunning cinematography. It's a science fiction thriller that explores the complexities of time travel and its impact on human relationships. The storyline is a masterful blend of suspense, emotion, and scientific intrigue, which I believe aligns perfectly with your interest in science and deep, character-driven plots.

I specifically thought of you for this movie because it elegantly combines our shared passion for science with a gripping emotional core. The film's exploration of theoretical physics, tied with the human element of time's impact on relationships, seems like the perfect fit for your tastes. Moreover, the lead performances have been hailed as exceptionally powerful, adding another layer of depth to this intriguing film.

Let's plan to meet at Central Park Café at around 4:30 PM this Friday, before heading to the 6 PM show at Galaxy Cinemas. The café is just a short walk from the cinema, and I thought it would be a wonderful spot for us to catch up over coffee before enjoying the film.

Awaiting an evening of fascinating conversation and cinematic adventure.



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Model Answer 3

Dear Oliver,

I hope this letter finds you in radiant health and high spirits. I am reaching out today with an exhilarating proposal for a movie outing that combines our shared love for history and epic storytelling.

The film I'd like us to watch together is "Legends of the Lost Realm," a cinematic masterpiece set in the medieval era. This film is a rich tapestry of legendary tales, heroic quests, and breathtaking landscapes, guaranteed to transport us to a world of awe and wonder. Its exceptional storyline, combined with stunning visuals, makes it a must-watch for anyone with a penchant for history and grand narratives.

Your interest in historical epics and intricate plotlines makes me confident that "Legends of the Lost Realm" will captivate you. The movie not only delves into the depths of medieval history but also weaves in a compelling human story, showcasing the trials and triumphs of its characters in a way that I believe will deeply resonate with you.

How about meeting at the quaint little café, The Nook, by 5 PM this Sunday? We can enjoy some early evening coffee and pastries before heading to the Royal Theater for the 6:30 PM show. It's the perfect spot for a relaxing catch-up before we immerse ourselves in the historical grandeur of the movie.

Looking forward to a splendid evening filled with great company and cinematic magic.

Warmest regards,


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