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Noise from Your Neighbours Disturbs You- GT Letter Sample

You currently live in a rental apartment, and the noise from your neighbours disturbs you. Write a letter to your landlord.

In your letter

  • describe how this situation affects you;

  • explain what steps you have taken to address the problem;

  • ask the landlord to take action to resolve the issue

GT Letter about the Noise from  Neighbours that Disturbs - IELTS Luminary

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Model Answer 1

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my concern regarding the persistent noise issues emanating from my neighbors in Apartment 5B, which have significantly disrupted my daily life and peace of mind.

Living next to Apartment 5B has become increasingly challenging due to the constant noise, particularly in the evenings. This disturbance has adversely affected my sleep quality and concentration, especially since I work from home. The loud music and frequent loud conversations are a constant source of distraction, impacting both my professional and personal life.

In an attempt to resolve this amicably, I have spoken to the neighbors directly on multiple occasions, requesting them to lower their noise levels. While they have been apologetic, the situation has not improved significantly. I have also tried using noise-cancelling headphones and rearranging my work schedule to avoid the peak noise hours, but these are temporary solutions to a persistent problem.

Therefore, I kindly request your intervention in this matter. As the landlord, your involvement could be instrumental in finding a lasting solution. Perhaps a reminder of the building's noise policies or a mediated discussion could help address this issue effectively. Your assistance in ensuring a peaceful living environment would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your understanding and prompt attention to this matter. I look forward to a resolution that benefits all parties involved.

Yours sincerely,

Jane Doe

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Model Answer 2

Dear Mrs. Jenkins,

I trust this letter finds you in good health and spirits. I am reaching out to seek your immediate attention regarding a pressing issue that has been affecting my daily living experience: the incessant noise from my adjacent neighbors in Apartment 3C.

The situation with my neighbors has become a source of constant distress for me. Their habitual late-night gatherings and loud music have severely disrupted my sleep patterns and overall sense of tranquility in my home. This noise pollution not only hampers my rest but also interferes with my focus and productivity, as I often work on important projects from home.

In efforts to remedy the situation, I have personally approached the neighbors on several occasions, politely requesting them to keep their noise levels down, especially during late hours. While they initially seem understanding, the issue persists unabated. I have also tried using earplugs and rearranging my bedroom to the other side of the apartment, but these measures have proved insufficient in mitigating the noise.

Therefore, I am turning to you, as the landlord, for your intervention and support in resolving this ongoing issue. Your authority and position might be pivotal in reinforcing the community's noise control policies or in facilitating a constructive dialogue with the neighbors to find a harmonious solution. Your assistance in restoring a peaceful living environment in our building would be greatly valued.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I am hopeful for a swift and effective resolution, ensuring a comfortable living space for all residents.

Warm regards,

Emily Richardson

Model Answer 3

Dear Mr. Harrison,

Greetings. I am writing with a matter of urgency and importance: the ongoing noise disturbances from the tenants in Apartment 6A, which are significantly impacting my quality of life.

The continuous noise emanating from the above apartment, particularly during night hours, has been a relentless disruption. The sounds of loud music, heavy footsteps, and voices at late hours have intruded into the tranquility of my living space. This persistent disturbance has led to numerous sleepless nights and has adversely affected my ability to concentrate on my work-from-home assignments.

In an effort to address this issue directly, I have politely approached the residents of Apartment 6A, requesting them to be mindful of their noise levels, especially after 10 PM. Despite these conversations, the situation has seen little improvement. I have also attempted to mitigate the impact by rearranging my furniture and investing in soundproofing measures, yet the problem persists.

I respectfully request your intervention in this matter. As the landlord, your authoritative stance could be crucial in enforcing the building's noise regulations and facilitating a dialogue with the involved tenants. It is my hope that through your assistance, we can establish a more harmonious and respectful living environment for all occupants.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this pressing issue. I eagerly await a favorable resolution that would allow for a peaceful and comfortable living experience.

Best regards,

Oliver Bennett

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