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There are Plans to Build a New Airport and You are not Happy with It - GT Letter Sample

You recently discovered that there are plans to build a new airport in your area and you are not happy with it. Write a letter to the local authority.

In your letter,

  • say how you found out about the plans

  • explain what problems your neighbourhood will face

  • suggest some possible solutions to those problems

There are Plans to Build a New Airport and You are not Happy with It - GT Letter Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Local Council,

I am writing to express my deep concern upon learning about the proposed construction of a new airport near our community, a revelation that came to my attention through the recent town hall meeting minutes circulated in our neighbourhood newsletter.

Having been a resident of Springfield Heights for over a decade, I am troubled by the potential ramifications this development poses for our area. One of the most pressing issues is the anticipated increase in noise pollution, which will not only disrupt the peaceful ambiance we currently enjoy but could also adversely affect the local wildlife and our quality of life. Additionally, the expected rise in traffic congestion is a significant worry, as it would lead to longer commute times and increased air pollution, further detracting from the serene environment we have always cherished.

To address these concerns, I propose a few solutions. Firstly, implementing noise-reduction technologies in the airport design would mitigate the sound impact on surrounding areas. Secondly, developing a comprehensive traffic management plan, including the expansion of public transport options, could alleviate the anticipated congestion and reduce vehicular emissions. Lastly, establishing green spaces around the airport perimeter would not only serve as noise buffers but also help preserve the local ecosystem.

I trust that the council will consider these suggestions with the gravity they deserve, ensuring that our community's well-being and environmental sustainability are prioritized in this development.

Yours sincerely,

Jordan Smith

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Model Answer 2

Dear Council Members,

I am compelled to write this letter after discovering, quite unexpectedly through a local newspaper article, the unsettling plans to construct a new airport within the vicinity of our tranquil neighborhood, Oakwood Grove.

The news of this development has caused considerable anxiety among residents, including myself, due to the anticipated detrimental effects on our daily lives. The influx of noise from frequent air traffic is a major concern, threatening to disrupt the calm environment we have long cherished in Oakwood Grove. This noise pollution could adversely impact our sleep patterns, overall health, and reduce the quality of life. Additionally, the increase in traffic could lead to congestion on our local roads, further exacerbating pollution levels and diminishing the safety of our streets for pedestrians and children.

In light of these concerns, I propose some viable solutions. Implementing strict noise control measures and flight operation restrictions during night hours could significantly minimize the acoustic impact on our neighborhood. Additionally, improving local infrastructure to handle the expected increase in traffic, such as widening roads and enhancing public transportation networks, would help in maintaining the flow of traffic and reducing pollution. Finally, creating green barriers like tree lines around the airport perimeter could serve as natural sound absorbers and improve the aesthetic appeal of the area.

I sincerely hope the council will take these considerations into account to ensure the harmonious coexistence of the new airport with our beloved Oakwood Grove community.

Kind regards,

Evelyn Parker

Model Answer 3

Dear Local Planning Committee,

I am reaching out to address the recent revelation of plans to build a new airport in our area, a matter I became aware of through discussions at the community forum held last week, which has since sparked considerable concern amongst us residents of Meadowbrook Lane.

The proposed airport's proximity to our neighbourhood is alarming, primarily due to the expected increase in noise and air pollution. The serene and quiet atmosphere of Meadowbrook Lane, which has been a hallmark of our community, stands to be significantly disrupted by the constant hum of aircraft engines. This not only affects the peaceful enjoyment of our homes but also poses health risks due to increased pollution levels. Furthermore, the introduction of a major transport hub in close proximity is likely to exacerbate traffic congestion, leading to longer travel times and potentially making our roads less safe, especially for the many families with young children in our area.

To mitigate these potential issues, I suggest considering alternative sites for the airport that are further from residential areas. Should this not be feasible, implementing stringent noise control measures and enforcing strict air quality standards would be imperative. Additionally, investing in infrastructure improvements, such as expanding road networks and enhancing public transportation, could alleviate the expected increase in traffic, thereby preserving the quality of life for Meadowbrook Lane residents.

I trust that the committee will take these suggestions into serious consideration, ensuring a decision that balances development needs with the well-being of our community.

Yours faithfully,

Thomas Bennett

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