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An Article Claims That Town Centres All Look Very Similar to Each Other - GT Band 9 Letter Writing

You have just read an article in a national newspaper which claims that town centres in your country all look very similar to each other. You don't fully agree with this opinion.

Write a letter to the editor of the newspaper. In your letter,

  • say which points in the article you agree with

  • explain ways in which your town centre is different from most other town centres

  • offer to give a guided tour of your town to the writer of the article

GT Letter Writing Band 9 Sample (Town Centres Look Very Similar)

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Model Answer 1

Dear Editor,

I write in response to your recent article claiming a homogeneity in the aesthetics of town centres across our nation, a perspective I find intriguing yet not entirely reflective of the unique charm my own town, Greensville, exudes.

Firstly, I concede that many town centres, including ours, share common features like chain stores and similar architectural styles, aspects that your article aptly highlighted. However, Greensville's town centre stands out with its distinctive blend of historical and modern elements. The cobbled streets lined with Victorian-era lamps effortlessly complement the contemporary art installations, creating a harmonious yet distinct urban landscape. This blend not only preserves our rich history but also embraces modernity, setting us apart from the typical town centre.

Additionally, Greensville is home to a thriving community of local artisans whose shops add a unique flair, absent in many homogenized centres. Their crafts and workshops are a testament to our town's commitment to fostering local talent and creativity.

In the spirit of showcasing the uniqueness of Greensville, I would be delighted to extend an invitation to the author of the article for a guided tour. This would provide an opportunity to experience first-hand the unique character and charm that our town centre offers, a narrative often overlooked in broad-stroke observations.

I am confident that such a visit would offer a new perspective, enriching the ongoing discourse about the diversity and identity of our town centres.

Yours faithfully,

Jordan Smith

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Model Answer 2

Dear Editor,

Perusing your recent article depicting the sameness of town centres across our country, I felt compelled to voice my perspective, particularly as it pertains to the distinct character of my hometown, Rivertown.

While I agree with your observation regarding the ubiquity of certain chain stores and a general architectural uniformity, Rivertown's town centre stands as a notable exception to this trend. Our town square, for instance, is a vibrant tapestry of local culture and history, featuring the century-old Rivertown Clock Tower, a beloved landmark not found in any other town centre. Furthermore, Rivertown's riverside walkway, lined with bespoke boutiques and cafes, offers a unique charm that transcends the typical urban experience.

Moreover, our town is distinguished by its commitment to sustainable living. Rivertown's town centre boasts numerous green spaces, including the Community Eco-Garden, which not only beautify the area but also foster a sense of community among residents. This green initiative, coupled with our annual arts and music festival held in the town square, showcases the innovative and community-driven spirit that truly sets Rivertown apart.

In light of these unique attributes, I warmly invite the author of your article to a guided tour of Rivertown. I am confident that such an experience would illuminate the distinctive qualities that our town centre possesses, offering a fresh perspective to your narrative on urban homogeneity.

Yours sincerely,

Alexandra Thompson

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Model Answer 3

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter partially opposing the view published in The Chatswood Newspaper on 13th September which states that all city centres in my country look almost similar.

It is true that major city centres of my country could be designed following a similar national concept. The alike areas might include width of the avenues, city routs, neighbourhood designs, connectivity to the thoroughfare and central marketplaces. All these key elements could be somewhat indistinguishable among different cities across the country.

However, despite the similar layout, each city has its own intriguing features to boast about. For instance, I live nearby St. Leonard town centre for more than 35 years, its unique location allows the residents to see the Blue Mountain in the east side and indulge in river views in the other side. What’s more, unlike many other cities, you can stroll here around the spectacular library reconstructed from the military hospital in 1950 where you can take breath of the pure beauty of the architectures and replenish yourself in shopping in souvenir stores.

As I have been living here for long, I would not mind giving you a guided tour around St. Leonard town centre so you can get a glimpse into the unique picture of this city. If you are interested in this concept, please contact me in the morning at 0450582163.

I hope you will accept my offer and republish the article with the necessary amendments.

Yours sincerely,

Sara Jack

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Model Answer 4

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter to discuss one of the articles in the national newspaper, which is saying that town centres in my country all look alike.

At first, I disagree with what you said in the article, as that is not true. However, I do understand that all the town centres in my country could look similar each other to the people who do not know or understand the history of the places. Every town centre has its own history and background, which makes the place has its own styles, culture even products merchants sell.

There is a town centre in my city, for example, which is famous for mandarin and pork, which means that a plenty of people consume large quantity of mandarin and pork in this city. Consequently, there are lots of pork barbeque restaurants on the street, and souvenir made with mandarin. If you go to other cities’ town centre, you will barely see those things.

If you do not mind, I would like to provide you a chance to have a look at my town to understand what I am trying to say. Feel free to contact me anytime you are free.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

George Weah

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