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Won Two Tickets to a Concert and Want to Invite Your Friend - GT Letter Sample

You have just won two tickets to a concert and want to invite your friend to go with you. Write a letter to your friend.

In the letter:

  • give details about the concert

  • describe how you won the tickets

  • explain why you’ve chosen your friend to go with you

Won Two Tickets to a Concert and Want to Invite Your Friend - GT Letter Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Emily,

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits and health. I'm writing to share some thrilling news: I've won two tickets to the upcoming Ed Sheeran concert, and I can't think of anyone better to join me than you!

The concert is scheduled for February 15th at the iconic Madison Square Garden, starting at 8 PM. It promises to be a night of enchanting music, with Ed Sheeran performing his greatest hits and some new tracks from his latest album. The atmosphere at Madison Square Garden is always electric, and being part of this live performance is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Here's the exciting part about how I won these tickets. Last week, I participated in a radio call-in contest on 102.7 FM. The challenge was to sing a verse from any Ed Sheeran song without missing a beat. I chose 'Shape of You', and to my amazement, my rendition won me the tickets! It was a moment of pure joy and disbelief.

I chose you for this musical adventure because you're not just a dear friend but also a fellow music enthusiast. Your love for Ed Sheeran's music and your vibrant energy make you the perfect concert companion. I believe experiencing this concert together will add another beautiful memory to our friendship.

I'm eagerly looking forward to your response and hope you can make it. It will be an evening of music, laughter, and camaraderie, and I can't imagine sharing it with anyone else but you.

Warm regards,


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Model Answer 2

Dear Jacob,

I hope this letter serves as a beacon of excitement in your day, for I am overjoyed to share the news that I've snagged two tickets to the Coldplay concert, and you, my friend, are my chosen companion for this musical escapade!

The concert is set to take place at the renowned O2 Arena on the evening of March 10th. Coldplay, known for their electrifying live performances, will undoubtedly weave an evening of melodious magic under the starlit dome. Imagine us being swayed by the rhythm of 'Yellow' and 'Sky Full of Stars', surrounded by a sea of fans, in one of the most iconic music venues!

Now, let me divulge how these tickets landed in my lap. Recently, I entered a photography contest hosted by a local magazine, where the challenge was to capture the essence of our city's nightlife. My photo of the city skyline at dusk, sprinkled with twinkling lights, won the judges' hearts, earning me these coveted concert passes. It was a surreal moment, one filled with disbelief and elation.

You, Jacob, sprang to my mind as the ideal concert buddy for a multitude of reasons. Your appreciation for Coldplay's artistry, combined with your infectious enthusiasm for live music, makes you the perfect person to share this experience with. Together, we can sing our hearts out and bask in the glory of their musical genius, creating memories that will resonate for years to come.

Awaiting your response with bated breath, and hoping you're as excited as I am for this musical adventure.

Best wishes,


Model Answer 3

Dear Lucas,

I'm absolutely thrilled to drop you this note with news that's as exhilarating as it is unexpected: I've won two tickets to see Adele live in concert, and you, my dear friend, are my first choice to share in this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

The concert is scheduled for the 18th of April at the breathtaking Staples Center in Los Angeles. Adele, with her soul-stirring voice and poignant lyrics, is set to enchant the audience. Picture us there, in an arena filled with melodious echoes, experiencing her powerful performance of hits like "Someone Like You" and "Hello," live!

Now, let me unravel the story behind winning these tickets. It happened during a company team-building event where we had a surprise karaoke challenge. I chose to sing "Rolling in the Deep," and to my utter astonishment, my performance won me these coveted tickets! It was an unexpected turn of events, filled with cheers and a bit of disbelief.

I immediately thought of inviting you, Lucas, for several reasons. Your deep admiration for Adele's music, coupled with the countless times we've enjoyed her songs together, makes you the ideal person to accompany me. I am certain that sharing this experience will not only be a joy but will also add a new depth to our already rich friendship.

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you and truly hope you can join me for this unforgettable evening of music and companionship.

Warmest regards,


Model Answer 4

Dear Marcus,

I am writing to you with a heart full of excitement and hands trembling with anticipation, as I have serendipitously secured two tickets to the legendary John Legend concert and it is you, my dear friend, whom I wish to accompany me on this melodious journey.

Set to grace the stage at the iconic Radio City Music Hall on the 22nd of March, this concert promises to be a night where John Legend's soulful voice and poignant piano melodies will fill the air, creating an ambiance of musical bliss. It's an opportunity to witness the live rendition of classics like "All of Me" and "Ordinary People" in an atmosphere pulsating with rhythm and harmony.

The tale of how these tickets came into my possession is quite the stroke of fortune. During a recent charity auction, I placed a modest bid on a mystery prize, driven by a blend of curiosity and a desire to contribute to a good cause. To my astonishment, my bid won, and the prize revealed was none other than these concert tickets – a truly delightful surprise!

Choosing you, Marcus, to join me in this experience was an effortless decision. Your deep appreciation for John Legend's artistry and our shared history of enjoying his music during our college years makes you the perfect concert partner. This event is not just a concert; it's a chance to relive those fond memories and create new ones in the glow of live music.

I eagerly await your response, hoping you are as enthused about this evening as I am.

Warm regards,


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