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You Recently Travelled on a Train Which Arrived Very Late, and You Faced Many Problems- GT Letter Sample

You recently travelled on a train which arrived very late, and then you faced many problems. Write a letter to the owner of the company.

In your letter, you should tell:

  • where you were going

  • what problems you faced

  • what action you would like the owner to take

You Recently Travelled on a Train Which Arrived Very Late - GT Letter Sample

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Model Answer 1

Dear Mr. Harrison,

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing to express my dissatisfaction with a recent journey on your train service, specifically the 8:30 AM express from Manchester to London on the 15th of January, which encountered significant delays.

Originally, I was en route to an important job interview in London, a golden opportunity to advance my career. However, due to the train's arrival being delayed by three hours, I missed my scheduled interview slot. This was not only a major setback professionally but also caused considerable stress and disappointment.

In addition to the missed opportunity, the delay disrupted my entire day's schedule. I had arranged several important meetings post-interview, all of which I had to reschedule. This has not only impacted me professionally but also incurred additional travel costs as I had to book a later return journey.

Understanding the complexities of operating a vast rail network, I still believe passengers deserve reliability and efficient problem resolution. Therefore, I kindly request that you consider offering compensation for the inconvenience caused. This gesture would not only help mitigate some of my incurred losses but also demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and service excellence.

I appreciate your attention to this matter and look forward to a favourable response.

Yours sincerely,

Evelyn Smith

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Model Answer 2

Dear Mr. Harrison,

I trust this letter reaches you in good health and high spirits, notwithstanding, it is penned in light of my recent journey on your rail service from Oxford to Birmingham on the 25th of April, which, regrettably, fell significantly short of the punctuality and reliability one would expect.

My intention for the journey was to attend a crucial family event, my cousin's wedding, which was a momentous occasion for our family. The train, however, arrived four hours late, causing me to miss the ceremony entirely. This not only deprived me of sharing a pivotal family moment but also caused profound emotional distress and disappointment.

The ripple effect of this delay was considerable. I had to reschedule my return ticket at an additional cost and missed an important work-related conference call, which has since affected my professional standing. The inconvenience and added financial burden have been substantial and entirely unforeseen.

In light of these circumstances, I would like to request a full refund for my journey and, if possible, an additional compensation for the supplementary expenses incurred. Such a response would not only ameliorate the financial strain but also restore my faith in your service's commitment to customer satisfaction.

I eagerly await your considerate and prompt resolution of this unfortunate incident.

Yours faithfully,

Isabella Clare

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Model Answer 3

Dear Mr. Harrison,

I hope this message finds you in good health; I am reaching out to detail my recent experience aboard your train service from Bristol to Edinburgh on March 12th, which unfortunately proved to be significantly less reliable and punctual than one would reasonably anticipate.

The purpose of my journey was to attend a crucial academic conference, where I was scheduled to present my research findings, a significant milestone in my academic career. However, the train's delay of over five hours not only caused me to miss my presentation slot but also resulted in a lost opportunity for professional growth and recognition.

Beyond the missed academic opportunity, this delay threw my entire schedule into disarray. I had planned several important networking meetings after the conference, all of which I had to cancel. This disruption has had a ripple effect on my professional commitments and future plans. Additionally, the extended travel time and subsequent rearrangements led to unexpected extra expenses and considerable inconvenience.

Given the magnitude of the inconvenience and the professional opportunities lost, I would respectfully request a full refund of my train fare, along with additional compensation for the ancillary expenses incurred due to the delay. Such a gesture would go a long way in alleviating the impact of this unfortunate experience and reinstating my confidence in your company's commitment to customer service.

I await your prompt and favourable response to this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Thomas Bennett

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